Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trains and Potty Training

Well, well, well.
It's time for another mid week update!
This week is so busy with a certain wedding on Saturday,
I have hardly had time to take any pictures!
On Saturday, Tim and I thought we would do something fun
with Landry and what started out as a great night,
slowly turned into a not so great night.
Landry loves trains!
Every day after I pick her up, we go right by the
railroad track in Irving and every day it never fails
she points out the "choo-choo" train. 
When Tim and I worked for the same company
A LONG time ago, we rode the train every day together. 
We knew Landry would love this, and boy did she!
As soon as we pulled into the train station she
couldn't get out of her car seat fast enough. 
The train finally showed up and we went up
to the 2nd story so she could look out.
Oh my goodness, the girl was in Heaven! 
She pointed out everything and kept saying
"I on a choo-choo twain momma"!
Of course, baby had to come along too!
After we got downtown, we hopped on the lightrail to the
West End and walked to the Hard Rock Cafe. 
Luckily, the place was loud because Landry
was not in the mood to sit and eat. 
She just wanted to get down and run all over. 
Any advice on how we can keep her
occupied through dinner would be greatly appreciated!
After that is when it started to go downhill.
I guess I haven't been to the West End in a while,
but geez it is not a good part of town after dark!
Tim held Landry close and everytime we would pass
 someone "interesting" she would point and ask about them. 
Needless to say, we got to the train station as fast as we could!
We wore the poor girl out!
She loved it, and we will definitely be
 going again, just maybe for lunch next time!
Sunday, we went with my parents and
 Dani to the Bedford BBQ and Blues festival. 
My dads work was one of the sponsors so we got to
sit in a VIP tent and eat some yummy BBQ!
This is her new face she makes
She also got to ride a few rides!
This girl is definitley mine, she loves rides!
Everyone knows after BBQ, you need some ice cream!

The other big thing we did this week was
going on our potty for the first time!
We have been putting off potty training for a while now
because I want to get through this weekend with no accidents in the church!
But, the time has come because she is starting a
new school in January and they have to be potty trained!
The last couple of weeks I have been persistent about
putting her on the potty just to sit there for a while until she goes. 
Nothing has ever happened.  She just sits there and stares at me like
"what do you want me to do on here"? 
Then of course, last night I went out to Flower Mound for
one last wine night before Dani gets married with my mom
and sis and lo and behold she decides to make this the time to go!
I was on my way home from FM,
on the phone with Grammy and saw that Tim was trying to call me. 
I thought he just had a question or something, so I ignored it. 
Then as I walked in the door he told me
 she just walked in there and said "I go tee-tee" and went!
Such a proud moment. 
I ran in there and gave her a big hug
and told her she was such a big girl!
Here is her potty (yes, it has pee-pee in it, but i will spare you the close-up)
Ugh, she is getting so big on me!
That's about it for the big stuff.
We have so much to do before Saturday!
Wedding Week has officially arrived!