Monday, October 17, 2011

What You Missed

So, since my little blogging hiatus, a lot
has been going on in the Smith house.
Here is just a glimpse into the things
I have missed blogging about.

A few weeks ago I took Landry to our
public library.  She loves books and Bedford
just built a new library and I figured it was a
good time to take her.
She loved it!
The library was pretty bare so we snuck off into
a little corner and got some books and sat
and read them.
I love that she loves books and hopefully
will love to read someday.
The library also has little computers for her
age to sit and listen to books and
interact with them.
Last week since it is still so hot at night I
let Landry eat a fudgesicle on the patio.
She loved it!
She thinks it's fun getting messy!
Last week we finally got around to taking my mom
out for her Birthday.  We went to one of my
family's favorite restaurants, Chuy's.
Love that smile!
After dinner we went back to Dani and Bobby's
place to frost and eat some cupcakes!
Last week Landry found these sunglasses
and has worn them every day since!
This past Saturday night we went to a family friends
wedding.  It was at the same church Dani and Bobby got married in
and the same church Tim and I got married in.  I love the Sanctuary.
Here is my married sister and I afterwards.
Sunday, Stephanie, Tim, Landry and I went to the Texas State Fair!
It's a tradition in my family to go.
I love the fair!
Here is the annual Smith Family picture with Big Tex
Landry with Big Tex
Here are the sunglasses again
I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of them on the blog!
The main reason we love the fair?
Tim's favorite this year was the buffalo chicken in a flapjack.
It was actually really good.
My favorite?
The frito pie balls.
We took Landry to the petting zoo and she loved it!
She loves animals and tried to touch each one
If you know my child, you know her love of rides.
We had bought so many tickets that she got to ride 4 this year!
Landry in a racecar
Landry in an airplane
Landry in a bumper style car
And Landry in a hot air balloon!
We had to have a Fletcher's Corndog!
This is the result of our day at the Fair!
That is a good day if you ask me!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello There

I promise we have not fallen off the face of
the Earth, but we have been very busy. 
I figured I better post something or I will never
hear the end of it from my momma, mother-in-law or Grammy!
Well, let's see.
Wedding first!

My baby sister and Bobby got hitched on September 9
and it was beautiful!
I was so proud and honored to stand up with my
sister on her special day.  Unfortunately, I can only post a
 couple of pictures because the night of the
rehearsal I discovered my camera broke :( 
I am going to borrow a few from the photographer's blog though!
Dani and her bridesmaids
 The Flower Girls
 Love this pic!
They wore chuck taylor's to the reception
 My sweet dad!
His second time to be the Father of the Bride
 Bobby's brother and I did the money for the dollar dance
and we got some good cash for them!
 Off they go!
So, how did Landry do the day of the wedding?
Well, let's just say she looked prettier than she acted!
Landry was carried out before the
ceremony began kicking and screaming! 
Fun times.

A few days after the ceremony I got to
go to Seattle for work!
In our downtime we got to do some sightseeing.
Remember how I said my camera broke?
Well, I had to send it off to be repaired and I only
got some IPhone pics!
We got to visit the Space Needle
The next day we got to go to Boeing and
pick up the airplane and take lots of fun pictures before we left.

Last week Tim had softball so Landry and I decided to walk to Fuddruckers down the street.
It was so nice out and she loves to go for walks.
She got some yummy chicken fingers and orange soda.
I love these times with just her and I.
On to Potty Training!
We are doing really well and I'm pretty confident she is getting the hang of it. 
She knows now to just walk in there and go. 
No prodding or pushing anymore. 
For incentive I made her this potty chart and
everytime she goes she gets to put a sticker in a box. 
After 10 stickers we get a prize from the store. 
Here she is with her first chart filled out! 
She was so proud of herself. 
It really has helped because she knows when she goes she gets to put the sticker on. 
Also, she got her box of reeses pieces for her prize and she loved it!
Let's hope she keeps it up!

OK, I have lots more to cover in the next post.
I promise to not be gone for that long again!