Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend in Arizona

 This past weekend we went to sunny Arizona. 
It is already 100 degrees there.
Landry was so excited to go on
an airplane.
You know how my family loves to eat at restaurants
that have been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? 
Well in Phoenix there is a little dive that
we ate at.
It was so yummy!
Saturday was pool day!
This girl is such a water girl.
She could of stayed at that pool all day long
She loved playing in the pool with Tim and my dad
They also had a slide that we went down
My little family of 3
And my sweet mama
Saturday night we went to Benihana
We love a good hibachi
Sunday Tim and my dad played golf while mom, Landry and I
went back down to the pool.
Then after the boys got back from their fun, mom and I
went to a movie.
Then the boys picked us up and we went to
this train depot we had seen the night before.
OMG, my girl was in Heaven!
They had a train you could ride on around the park
She loved it!
Then we walked around the train museum
After all the going we did, this girl was pooped!
She did this practically the whole flight home.
It was such a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life lately via cell phone pics

Here are some pictures lately that have been taken
with my phone:

I got to go to Las Vegas for work (I know, right!) with
some of my favorite co-workers and this is us at the
Hard Rock restaurant
Last weekend for our anniversary, Tims parents and my parents
kept Landry for us and these are the pictures that
were sent to me.
Getting ready to dye eggs:
Helping bake cookies:
Then the next morning, they took her for a picnic at the park!
Saturday night my parents took us out to dinner for our anniversary
and they ordered us their famous lemon cake. 
Oh my word, it was yummy!
The normal cheese face:
We finally got the DVD player installed in my new car and
Landry loves it!
Plus, they sent these awesome headphones, so she's happy and mommy
and daddy don't have to listen to Mickey and Minnie for the car ride!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

6 Years and A Happy Easter

Today marks 2 special occasions.
First, today Tim and I celebrate 6 years of marriage.
6 years ago today I married my best friend.
I could not of asked for a better husband for me.
Someone told me a few weeks ago in the marriage class
we are in at church that we may not be perfect,
but we are perfect for each other. 
I couldn't of said it better myself!
This weekend we decided to just stay low key
so we stayed at a local hotel Friday night and went to
a yummy dinner at Mattito's.
Then, Saturday we went to see a movie.
I am so lucky!

Yesterday my mom and dad gave Landry her Easter basket.
She loved it!
Then we went outside and got some sun
This morning we woke up to see that the Easter bunny came!
Here we are, ready to go to church
After church and lunch we went over to Tim's parents
house to get some more treats
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A day with my Girl

I had the day off yesterday, so Landry and I
spent some much needed mommy daughter time together.
Wednesday night Tim brought me home flowers for our
anniversary coming up and he grabbed some Peeps for me.
I love Peeps!
I got them every year from the Easter Bunny, but Landry has
never had them, so she had her first Peep!
Yesterday morning, I took her to get her Spring pictures made
and they turned out so good. 
After that we went to our favorite store, Target!
For lunch since she was so good running errands and having
her pictures made, we went to McDonalds.
(You will notice that in every picture, she makes the same "cheese" face!)
We had such a good time together!
I am so lucky to call this girl my child!
I love her so much.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Week

We had such a fun week!
Monday night, we took my cousin Chase
out for his 21st Birthday. 
Tuesday I took Landry for her 3 year appointment.
She was really good so I promised her a slushie from Sonic.
Eating a yummy cupcake
She wanted to take a picture with Angel
Today is my Paw Paws 83rd Birthday so Tim, Landry
and I took him to Outback to celebrate.