Sunday, April 8, 2012

6 Years and A Happy Easter

Today marks 2 special occasions.
First, today Tim and I celebrate 6 years of marriage.
6 years ago today I married my best friend.
I could not of asked for a better husband for me.
Someone told me a few weeks ago in the marriage class
we are in at church that we may not be perfect,
but we are perfect for each other. 
I couldn't of said it better myself!
This weekend we decided to just stay low key
so we stayed at a local hotel Friday night and went to
a yummy dinner at Mattito's.
Then, Saturday we went to see a movie.
I am so lucky!

Yesterday my mom and dad gave Landry her Easter basket.
She loved it!
Then we went outside and got some sun
This morning we woke up to see that the Easter bunny came!
Here we are, ready to go to church
After church and lunch we went over to Tim's parents
house to get some more treats
Happy Easter!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Happy Anniversary Tim and Kara!! We love you!