Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Pre-K

Yesterday, Landry started her first day of pre-k. I was a little nervous about how this day would go. You see, usually she doesn't do well with change. She is not my child in that respect. And with all the change going on in her little life lately, I was anxious to see how she would do in a new class with a new teacher and new friends.

She seemed pretty excited yesterday morning as we were getting ready, and wanted to pick out her outfit. She loves to wear dresses, and usually for school I don't let her, but today was special so she got to. 
When I picked her up yesterday, she said she had a great day. That she liked her teacher and made some new friends in class. 

When daddy got home, he had brought her a surprise! She loved the flowers. She wanted to put them in water and display them in her room. 
When we sat down for dinner last night, she told us all about her day and her new friends and was super happy. I'm so glad! I've prayed for a while now for this to go well, and it looks like it is!

Monday, August 26, 2013

33 weeks

How far along? 33 Weeks
Size of the Bambino? The size of a Pineapple.  This week at my sonogram he weighed 5 and a half pounds, if he keeps this up, he’ll be here in no time!
Maternity Clothes? Yep.  Although, I’m still finding it hard to cover this big belly.
Weight Gain? 26 pounds and holding!
Stretch Marks? Not yet
Gender? It’s a Boy!  
Name? We still have it narrowed down to two names.  Now we are deciding on a middle name and which one it sounds better with.  
Sleep? I’m still getting up twice a night to pee.
Cravings? Nothing really this week.  I did have some sushi (cooked of course!) the other day because it sounded so yummy!
What I Miss? Walking without a waddle!
Symptoms? Still having severe back pain, but my sweet husband bought me a maternity band and back pillow, and that has really helped me at work.
Belly Button? In (but, I can tell it is almost ready to pop!)
Best MomentThe best moment this week was on Saturday morning.  Angel needed to go to her yearly vet appointment, so Tim thought Landry would love going, which he was right about, and took her for the morning Saturday.  Then they dropped Angel back off at the house and went to run some errands and bring me lunch.  It was so nice just having that time to myself.  I don’t get it very often.  I ended up finishing his curtains for his room, and after that, we just have a few more things to finish, and the nursery will be done!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Girl

*Has the sweetest demeanor, and loves to give hugs and kisses


*Has such a heart for animals, and has never met a dog she doesn’t like


*Loves to be the leader and make everyone follow her


*Has one of the best memories for a child I have ever seen and will remember the smallest things


*Loves to play hide and seek with her daddy when he gets home from work


*Is the seatbelt police and doesn’t let us leave the driveway unless we all have a seatbelt on


*Loves spotting policemen, fire trucks and ambulances when we are in the car


*Loves Sofia the First, Peppa the Pig, Doc McStuffins and Monsters Inc.


*Loves to put puzzles together


*Can’t go to sleep without a lamp or light of some sort on


*Puts pajamas and clothes on her baby Ally every day when she changes her own clothes


*Loves chocolate pudding, cheese balls and cantaloupe


*Is a water baby!  If she could swim all day every day, she would be one happy girl


*Is preparing to become a big sister in about 8 weeks, and is taking that role very seriously and talks about her baby brother on a daily basis


*Is 4 and a half and the light of our lives!

Monday, August 19, 2013

32 Weeks

            How far along? 32 Weeks


Size of the Bambino? The size of a Bok Choy.  Because of some issues, I’ve been having weekly sonograms and I have loved getting to see his sweet face every week.  He weighed 5 pounds this week already!  


Maternity Clothes? Yep.  I broke down this week and fell into a puddle in the middle of my closet.  My belly is so large, that even my normal maternity shirts are starting to get too small.  I’ve resorted to dresses as shirts!


Weight Gain? 26 pounds  


Stretch Marks? Not yet


Gender? It’s a Boy!  


Name? I think we have finally narrowed it down to two names!  Tim has said both names are good, now it’s just up to me to decide between them.  


Sleep? I’m still getting up twice a night to pee, but I fall back asleep pretty easily.


Cravings? I really wanted fried pickles the other day, and got them.  They were so good!  I have noticed lately though that my stomach cannot handle too much food.  I get full so easily.


What I Miss? Wearing cute clothes!  Don’t get me wrong, I love maternity clothes as much as the next gal, but I’m ready for normal clothes again.  


Symptoms? Still having severe back pain, but my swelling has gone down.  I feel like I’m in the home stretch now.  


Belly Button? In (but, I can tell it is almost ready to pop!)


Best MomentThis week the best moment came on a random day at a random time.  Landry has been super protective of me lately.  She knows mommy is not feeling 100%, and always makes sure I’m doing ok, and that I feel ok.  The other day, I bumped my stomach on a chair getting out of it, and she ran to my side and said “is my baby brother ok?”  So sweet.  She just always wants to make sure we are doing good.  I love that kid so much!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

31 weeks

31 weeks by landrysmom09
31 weeks, a photo by landrysmom09 on Flickr.

How far along? 31 Weeks
Size of the Bambino? The length of an asparagus
Maternity Clothes? Yes
Weight Gain? 25 pounds
Stretch Marks? Not yet
Gender? It’s a Boy!
Name? Nope
Sleep? Not too bad this week. I’m still getting up twice a night to pee, but I fall back asleep pretty easily.
Cravings? Fruit, I feel like I’m resorting back to the beginning of my pregnancy!
What I Miss? Sleeping comfortably still. In my side is where you will usually find me.
Symptoms? Back pain. Also, I noticed last night my feet are starting to swell. Not cute!
Belly Button? In (but, I can tell it is almost ready to pop!)
Best Moment- With all the excitement of me having extra fluid surrounding him, I’ve been going to the doctor once a week, and getting a sonogram. Last week I saw him do a somersault in there which was so cool!

Monday, August 5, 2013

30 Weeks

             How far along? 30 Weeks
Size of the Bambino? The size of a Large Cabbage
Maternity Clothes? Yes
Weight Gain? 25 pounds
Stretch Marks? Not yet
Gender? It’s a Boy!
Name? Nope
Sleep? I am trying to get as much sleep as I can, as I know when little man gets here it will be scarce!
Cravings? Still chocolate cake and fruit gushers
What I miss ? Sleeping comfortably. I cannot seem to get in a comfortable position lately and it is driving me crazy!
Symptoms? Still measuring ahead and that has proven to give me the worst back pains.
Belly Button? In (but, I can tell it is almost ready to pop!)
Best Moment- We went to our storage building on Saturday and got all of our baby stuff out and cleaned out the playroom to make his room. I love looking in there and seeing blue stuff and all his clothes. I’m looking forward to putting his room together!