Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Pre-K

Yesterday, Landry started her first day of pre-k. I was a little nervous about how this day would go. You see, usually she doesn't do well with change. She is not my child in that respect. And with all the change going on in her little life lately, I was anxious to see how she would do in a new class with a new teacher and new friends.

She seemed pretty excited yesterday morning as we were getting ready, and wanted to pick out her outfit. She loves to wear dresses, and usually for school I don't let her, but today was special so she got to. 
When I picked her up yesterday, she said she had a great day. That she liked her teacher and made some new friends in class. 

When daddy got home, he had brought her a surprise! She loved the flowers. She wanted to put them in water and display them in her room. 
When we sat down for dinner last night, she told us all about her day and her new friends and was super happy. I'm so glad! I've prayed for a while now for this to go well, and it looks like it is!


Mix and Match Mama said...

She and Kensington are two peas in a pod! Both girls love their daddies! I am so glad Landry had a great first day! That is such a blessing for your sweet girl!

Robbie and Melissa said...

Yay Landry! So glad she loves her new class:)

Debbie Byrd said...

So glad Landry enjoyed her 1st day of pre-k. So cute how Tim brought her flowers. Ireland talked about her alot Sunday after church and how they played in class.

One Crazy Blessed Mama/Boozer Bunch said...

Glad she had a good day! She's a cutie!