Thursday, April 23, 2009

Todd Gaston

When Tim and I started dating, I was going to a great church that I had grown up in and I had known everyone for my whole life. Needless to say, I wasn't really wanting to step out of my comfort zone and try a new church. For those that know me, I like my comfort zone, it is cozy there. I decided I would just go with him on Wednesday nights. Shay went there too, so I was excited to go and hear what her and all my friends were talking about. The first time I heard Todd speak, I was hooked. He was so good with the kids and knew exactly what to say to them. I started going just on Wednesdays and then eventually Sundays and joined the church. Tim and Todd had a great relationship and friendship, and when it came time for Tim and I to get married, we knew exactly who we wanted to marry us. Todd has been a wonderful friend to both of us, and when he moved to Virginia a few years back, it was hard on Tim. He came into town for a few days this week and stayed with us. We were so excited for him to meet Landry. We had a great time and went to dinner with Hil, Brady, Robbie, Melissa and Austin.

Thanks Todd for being such a good friend and leader to us!

Landry talking to Brady Boozer

"All this entertaining makes me sleepy"

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weekend was a busy one! We had our church's Senior Retreat and Tim, Landry and I all went and spent the night. Landry did fairly well, considering she was out of her element. We had a great time, and got to spend some time with our graduating seniors. We also got to spend some time with our friends, Robbie, Melissa and Austin. Here are some pics from the retreat:

We had a couple of square dancers come and show us how to square dance, so this is Landry's square dancing outfit

Me and my girl about to get out on the dance floor

We had a blast with Melissa and Austin

Today our baby was sick for the first time. They say the first time is always the hardest, and boy are they right! We had a long night, and finally took her temp this morning. Nothing really high for concern, but we still had a day of rest nonetheless. She slept in mine and Tim's arms all day. She milked being sick for all it was worth!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Last Friday Landry had her 2 month doctor's visit. She did so good. She weighs 13 pounds 6 oz, and is 24 inches tall. That puts her in the 95th percentile for both height and weight! She is filling out fast. She also got 2 shots. The first one she didn't know what hit her, but by the second she knew what was happening and let out a pitiful scream! Almost brought this mom to tears. Dr. Olivo said she was really advanced for her age, but I already knew that :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Landry wants to wish her Grandma a Happy Birthday! I love you and hope you get to feeling better!

Professional Pictures

Last week, my dad had some professional pictures taken and asked if we wanted some of Landry. Of course! She did really well, but by the end of the shoot she was tired. Here are just a few that he took. My dad also got some with her.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail!

Landry had such a busy first Easter weekend. On Saturday we spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house meeting lots of new family.

Landry got an Easter basket filled with lots of goodies.

She met lots of new family members

She loves spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa

Landry's 1st Easter Dress

On Sunday she got to see her best friend Kensington at church

Then we went to lunch and hunt for Easter eggs at Grammy's house

She ended the day reading her new Easter book with Mimi

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today marks a special day for 2 reasons. On this day in 2006 I married my best friend. I had waited to marry Tim for years it felt like, just ask my friends and family. I love you Tim Smith and look forward to 50 more with you!

On this day in 2008 I miscarried our first child. This time last year was one of the worst possible days. It just goes to show you that God has bigger plans for all of us. I am so thankful for my little bundle of joy. She brightens my day, and I am so lucky to have her so that this day doesn't seem so gloom.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

2 Months Old

Today my baby turns 2 months old! She is changing from day to day. When I look back at the pictures from her first week, it is amazing to see how much she has changed. She is really starting to fill out and get a little personality. Here are 5 new things about her this month.

1. She is a mini Tim. I love that she looks just like him. Not only does she look like him, but she has his demeanor. She is really laid back and easy going.
2. She has the cutest cheeks. It looks like she is storing nuts for the winter in them.
3. She only likes to sleep in her crib at night. If you try to put her in it when there is daylight, she screams. She loves her swing and her bouncy seat for her daytime naps.
4. She is finally getting her hair back on top. For a while we called her Dr. Phil! It is going to be dark. I was hoping for a blondie, but alas, she will probably be a brunette.
5. She has started sucking her thumb. She spits out a pacifier, so we gave up on those. When she is done with her bottle, and trying to go to sleep, she puts that thumb automatically in her mouth.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

America's Next Top Models

On Tuesday, Shay and I took Landry and Kensington to the Dallas Arboretum to look at the beautiful flowers and to take some pictures. The girls did great considering they had a lot to distract them! It was so nice out, we got some cute pictures of the girls individually, but together was another story!

"Look this way Landry, not at the sun"

"Do these bows make our heads look big?"

"Let's hold hands"

"Here, let me pull that bow off your head!"