Saturday, January 31, 2009

Landry's Room

Well, it is finished! There is just one more thing to go in... Landry! Tim and I finally finished this room. It took me a lot longer than I had anticipated. Here are a few things from her room.

This is her bookcase with some really important stuff on it. The picture frame on the top was given to her by Tim's grandmother, the plaque is from Shay, the piggy bank is from my mom, the Puff the Magic Dragon book is from my dad, the Precious Moments doll is from Tim's mom and the rabbit was given to me by Southwest. Dani is painting her a canvas as we speak to go above the bookcase.

This is her crib

This is her name above her crib

This is her rocker

Her changing table

These are some pictures above the changing table that Hilary took for us

This is the chair that my mom got her

That's about it, now she can come!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I swallowed a watermelon!

39 weeks.
Landry is the size of a watermelon.

I cannot believe we have made it this far. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and there is no progression. This lil girl likes her warm and cozy home. You can't blame the girl though, would you want to leave your warm home for the weather we have been having?

She did give me some good news though. If I haven't had her by the 12th, that will be her birthday! So, there is an end in sight. That made me feel a whole lot better.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Top 10

Since today marks 10 days until my due date I decided to list the top 5 reasons I have loved being pregnant and the top 5 reasons that I will be glad when she is out!

1. I love feeling her hiccups every day. She tends to get them for minutes at a time.
2. Telling people that we were pregnant. It's amazing how giddy grandparents can get when you tell them you are expecting.
3. Having an excuse to eat whatever I wanted! Tim has never said a word about what I have been craving or wanting at the time.
4. Seeing your whole stomach move when she yawns or stretches.
5. Knowing God has entrusted Tim and I with her.

Not so Loved
1. The nausea. Yes, I realize people have it worse (Shay), but any kind of nausea is not good.
2. Maternity clothes- I actually couldn't wait to wear these, but now I find myself getting sick of half the stuff in my closet. I'm ready for my old body to fit into my cute spring and summer clothes.
3. Swollen feet- they look like balloons that you could poke a needle in and they will just pop!
4. Being tired all the time! I used to just take naps on Sunday afternoons, now I take them whenever I know I have an extra 30 minutes or so.
5. The anxiety I am getting about going into labor-whether it be Landry induced or doctor induced!

Overall, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Just 10 more days!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring a Leek!

38 weeks!
Landry is the length of a leek this week. (Say that 3 times fast)

I cannot believe we are down to the last 2 weeks or so. My initial thought was that she might come early, but now I'm not so sure. I am having a hard time being patient. My verse for this week has been: A man's wisdom gives him patience (Proverbs 19:11).

For those of you that know me, patience is not my best quality. I'm not one to just sit by and wait for stuff to happen, so waiting on her to come has been a humbling experience. I know she will come when she is ready, but it is hard nonetheless.

So, what does a pregnant girl do for the next two weeks? Sit on her butt and watch all the TV she can. I have decided to soak up these next few weeks of quiet. Tim and I will never have this time back, so I have decided to spend it just enjoying his company. I am going to try and have us go on a date night. I know once she comes it will not be so easy to just go out to eat or curl up on the couch to watch a movie together. She will definitely learn to do that with us!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Landry

I wanted to put a few pictures of Landry on here. We had these done over a month ago, and I realized that we never posted them. These are the 3d pictures we had made. Who do you think she looks like, Me or Tim?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

37 weeks!

This is Angel and I this week posing by the pack n play!

Oh my gosh! We are down to 3 weeks. I feel like this is going to be a very long 3 weeks. Everyone keeps saying they think I will go early, and that is some encouragement. Doctors visit this week went well. She said everything looks good, but that I should go get a prenatal massage for my sciatica. That sounds like a wonderful idea to me! Dr's orders after all!

I finally am finishing getting this nursery together. I just have a few finishing touches, and then I promise to post pictures. Tim's main concern this weekend is helping me hang stuff, I still need a lamp, a hamper and a few more decorations and we will be good to go!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts Galore!!!

This weekend I had not one, but two showers! My first shower was Friday, and was given to me by my work. I had seven wonderful hostesses, and they did a fabulous job of decorating and putting the conference room together. I got so much good stuff. We got the high chair, bath seat tub, lots of cute clothes and some diapers.

One of the girls made these little onesies with her name

Here is the cake

Just a few of me opening the gifts

My second shower was on Sunday. This was the shower for the church thrown for me by some of my best friends. I got some great stuff from there too. We got the infant car seat, diapers and more clothes. Let me just tell you that she has a better wardrobe than I do! I also got the little chair I had been wanting for her room from my parents. I can't wait to take some really cute pictures in it.

Here is a picture of me with the hostesses

This is the cake that matched the invitation

The table with the sign that Shay had made for me and the diaper cake that Hilary made

Shay and I got matching outfits from my mom for Landry and Kensington

Tim and I definitely scored some loot this weekend. We can't thank you all enough for your generosity towards us and lil miss Landry.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flour Power

36 Weeks!
I'm officially in my 9th month of pregnancy!
4 more weeks!

Lil miss weighs as much as this bag of flour. It is so hard for me to fathom having her weigh that much. I only weighed 5 lbs 7 oz at birth, so she officially weighs more than me at birth!

I am posting this early because my professional photographer (Tim) leaves for Miami tomorrow for the National Championship game. Baby girl and I have had a discussion that she is not allowed to come till her daddy returns!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday to have the Strep B test done. I start going every week from here on out. I'm measuring right on track. We also stopped by the pediatricians office that we are wanting to use. I'm hoping I made a good choice.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Reflecting on 2008

Here is a look back at our 2008:

January: Found out Shay and Andrew are going to be parents!

February: Had another wonderful Valentines day with the hubs

March: Found out we were pregnant

April: Had a miscarriage that tested not only our faith but our marriage and we came out 10 times stronger and we celebrated 2 wonderful years of marriage!

May: Went on a fun weekend getaway with my parents

June: Found out we were pregnant again!

July: Celebrated my 27th Birthday with many friends and family and got my new purse!

August: Celebrated 50 years of marriage with Grammy and Grandaddy in Florida with the whole family

September: Double the Pink! Shay and Andrew had Kensington and we found out we are having a girl!

October: NKOTB (enough said!)

November: Had my first baby shower!

December: Had our 3d sonogram done and got to see her beautiful face!
I will show you these pictures in another post!!!

2008 was such a wonderful year of ups and downs for us. Tim and I have definitely gotten closer if that is even possible.

We can't wait for this year to show us all that it has to bring!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Honeydew List

35 Weeks!
This week she weighs as much as this honeydew melon.
As you can tell, Angel is starting to not cooperate with me on these pictures. She is so over all of this!

This week has been one of those weeks where I have started freaking out a bit. I literally have 1 month left! I have started scrambling around to do stuff. I gave Tim a few things to put together and he did them all in one afternoon! We now have the pack n play set up in the living room, the stroller ready to go, the mobile on her bed put up, and the diaper champ is set for all those lovely smelling diapers coming our way!

I have 2 showers coming in the next week. I can't wait! After that, I have a feeling the nesting will begin.

My 36 week appointment is Tuesday, and I am anxious to see what they tell me. Then I start going once a week!