Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekly Update

26 weeks! Our girl is the length of an english cucumber. Apparently this means it doesn't have seeds, as apposed to the regular cucumber with seeds.

We have been very busy this week. Lots of stuff going on. On Tuesday Tim and I went to the JV Volleyball game for some of the girls in our youth group. We had these girls in our class last year. I adore all 4 of them. They get so excited when they see my belly and they just squeal.

Wednesday night, mom and I went to dinner with one of our friends, Cindy. When I was in 8th grade, my mom started working at a pre-school and she was co teaching with Cindy. They hit it off right away, and she kind of became my 2nd mom. When I was in college, I needed a job, so I started working for the same church and ended up co teaching with Cindy just like my mom had 10 years earlier. Cindy is a wonderful Godly woman and she is always trying to take care of me. Mom and I have started meeting her for dinner once a month just to reconnect and chat.

We are off to Austin this weekend to see one of Tim's cousins and his fiancee. Mom and I plan on going to the outlets and start Christmas shopping!!! I might slip into the Carter's and look for baby girl something while I'm there too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Shay!

Tonight Tim and I went out with Shay, Andrew and Kensington to celebrate Shay's Birthday. We went to I'Fratelli's. One of our favorite spots. I got to spend some good cuddle time with Kensington. I just adore her, and cannot wait for her best friend to arrive.

Happy Birthday Shay, here's to many more celebrations together!!!

Cauliflower Power

25 Weeks!

The baby weighs as much as a head of cauliflower. Lot's of things going on this week. I have started to get pretty uncomfortable at nights. Everyone I tell this to, says to just wait, it gets worse. I sleep with at least 3 pillows a night. Poor Tim and Angel, they are being taken over in the bed. Other than that, I feel great. I still have a ton of energy, and we are still walking at nights. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going. She will be here before we know it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome to my Crib

Sunday, I awoke from a nap to hear something going on in the nursery. Lo and behold, it was my wonderful husband putting the crib and changing table together. Dani and I had planned on going to Home Depot that day to get the paint, so he wanted to get a head start on this stuff. I love the way the crib looks and I think it will go perfect with the bedding we picked out.

Monday night, we started to paint the nursery. It is a really light pink. The bedding is dark pink, so I think the two pinks will look good together. Tim said he never thought he would be painting a pink wall!

Here are some pictures of the process.

Here is Tim's helper

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hangin Tough

So, back in 1989 I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan. I had a ton of memorabilia, and I had my dad tape their concert on Pay Per View with our VCR. My sister and I would sing along and dance to the concert like we were there. Then when I was 10 I got to go to their concert with my dad and my friend and her dad at Texas Stadium. We sat so close I could of touched them.

This last Sunday I had the opportunity to relive all of this. Dani and I got the opportunity to go to the American Airlines Arena to see their concert. Hil is a huge fan as well, so we went with her, her sisters and a few of her friends. Dani and I were singing all the old songs like we were back in our pajamas in our living room watching their concert on TV. This pregnant girl was jamming! Here are a few pictures from the concert.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

10 Years

10 years ago Friday, I had my first date with Tim Smith. I had no clue then what kind of path my life would lead me, and I definitely did not think it would include him. Tim was someone I knew through my friends, and when he asked me out, I was a little surprised. I said yes, because I was intrigued. He took me to see Armageddon and then took me to the fine dining of Arby's! Yep, we were two broke high school kids, so there wasn't much for us to choose from. He swears to this day that I am the one who chose Arby's. From then on, mine and Tim's relationship was a roller coaster. We had many ups and downs, but there is no one I would rather have those ups and downs with than him. Tim and I definitely balance each other out. Tim is so even keel and easy going, and I am not. I'm not really sure where my life would of gone had I said no 10 years ago, but I don't really care to know either. Tim totally completes my life and I have never been with someone who makes me laugh as much as he does. I love each and every day I have with him. I cannot wait to see him become a father in February. I just know he will be the sparkle in her eye. Here are a few pictures of us throughout the years.

Our Senior Homecoming Picture

Us on Easter

Us at Church Camp

Us at Disneyworld

Us at Shay and Andrew's Wedding

Our Rehearsal Dinner

Leaving Our Wedding

I love you Tim, and always will.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This might be a little corny

Our girl is the length of an ear of corn!

I am 24 weeks!

I am in my 6th month!

Wow, time sure does fly when you're pregnant. Not much news to report. She keeps getting bigger, I keep getting bigger! I am loving this weather right now. This is my favorite time of the year. I need to start making my hot chocolate and chili (not together though!) Speaking of, people keep asking me if I have been having any weird cravings, and surprisingly, I have not. I mean, I love my food, but I haven't had to have one specific thing. I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to the food, I don't discriminate.

We have a busy weekend ahead. Friday is mine and Tim's 10 year dating anniversary! Be looking for that post this weekend. Saturday, we are going to start picking out paint for the nursery. Sunday, I have...
I'll give you a hint.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I found out that today is the National Day of Remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and I wanted to take this time to remember those babies that are still in our hearts, but not in our hands. I have some loved ones that have lost a child in some way, and I would just like to let them know that I am thinking about them. Shay, Hilary, Katy, and Aunt Karen, we have all loved our babies and we know that they are waiting for us in Heaven. "Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him" Psalm 127:3.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

23 weeks

Sorry! I could not think of something that went with papaya, so my title is boring this week. By the way, my book says papaya, and this is what I found at the store, but I feel like there is no way she is this big!!! My week has been filled with many new things. I have been noticing my ribs hurting, especially when I sit down, so I asked my doctor, and she said that she is really long for my torso, so her foot is jabbing my ribs. It just means I have to get up and walk more during the day, which can't hurt, right? My doctor's appointment went well. Everything looks good. I have to go in a few weeks to take my glucose test. I have heard good and bad things about this. It tastes like really sweet kool-aid is the consensus. I love my sweets, so hopefully it won't be too bad. Since the weather is getting nicer, Tim and I have started walking Angel at night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another eventful weekend down. We had a great time with family and friends this weekend.

Tim and I had senior leadership class together in high school and our teacher was a 24 year old named Lance. We have kept a friendship with him and his wife, Mandy ever since then. They have since moved to St. Louis with their 4 kids, but Lance remains a huge OU fan. He comes every year for the Texas-OU game and takes Tim with him. This year we had a great time with him.

Mom, Dani and I went to the shower for Kensington and Shay. I had such a great time meeting all her friends from her church. Kensington is such a cutie and I adore her.

As I mentioned in my post about my favorites for fall, I mentioned that I love the fair. We picked this day to go, and I was not disappointed. It was such a nice day, but it was so crowded. I got to eat my corny dog and funnel cake, and I tasted the chicken fried bacon. Sounds bad, but it was actually pretty good. I love going to the fair, and I cannot wait to take my daughter there.

Friday, October 3, 2008

If you like Pina Coladas...

Our girl weighs 1 pound this week! It is still surreal to me that I have a 1 pound baby in my stomach, I cannot imagine 4 months from now when she is 7 pounds in there! So, I know this post is coming to you a day before the 23 week mark, but I have been a little under the weather this week with a sinus infection-yucky!

Mom, Dani and I went to Canton on Saturday. I found a few cute things. One of them is to hang in her room, and the other is to wear in her announcement photo. Sunday I went to register at Target. I just registered for a few things there. Tonight is the big night at Babies R Us. We decided to just go with these two places. I will hopefully be back on track with my belly fruit photos this week.