Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Fun Friday

Occasionally, I like to document the things that Landry and I do during the day.  Friday, I only work a half day, so that I can spend some time with Landry, just us.  I love it.  Yesterday after she got up from her nap, we spent some time in her room reading books.  She has loved pulling her books out of the shelf and looking at each one. 
When she was younger she would wear these rattle socks and shake them.  We recently discovered them again and now she has become obsessed with these socks.  She pulls them out of her sock bin and brings them to me to put on her.  Then she will walk all funny to make them rattle.  So cute!
Here are our little beggers.  When we are eating a snack, this is the usual response we get.
After dinner we let her go outside in her pool. 
She and Angel got to have a treat
I just love our Fridays together!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Weekend of doing Nothing

How is it that on a weekend we are supposed to do nothing, we still end up being busy?  Oh well, such is the life with a toddler.  On Friday, Melissa and I took the kids to a pool, but we ended up getting rained out.  Landry and Austin didn't seem to mind and just played in the grass while we were waiting out the storm.
Saturday, we went to lunch
Then we came home and just lounged around.  Tim decided this was a good time to lower Landry's crib.  She is one boost away from falling out and we did not want to chance that!  This is the last time we can lower it.  It just makes me feel like she is one step closer to being a big girl!
Sunday we spent the day laying out
Then we celebrated my Birthday with the Smiths
Don't you just love when your boring weekend turns fun?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The one before 30!

Today, I turned 29!  I have had such a good day.  Last night, Melissa made me chocolate cupcakes and my girl and I shared one!
Today, I woke up to this smiling face. 
She must of known it was my Birthday, because she was so sweet to me all morning.  Kept giving me kisses. 

I have been treated all day long.  My office was decorated, I got taken out to lunch to Cheesecake Factory and then got a gift from my bosses.  Then, for dinner tonight we went out to Uncle Julios with Grammy and Grandaddy and my parents and Dani.  We had such a good time.
Me and my beautiful sister
The 3 girls!
Landry loves her Aunt Dani
I got a chocolate empanada, it was so yummy!
I am and always will be my Daddy's princess, so this cake was fitting!
My little family of 3
Just one more year, and I will be celebrating the big 3-0!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just another fun weekend

Well, it's another Sunday night.  Time for our weekly weekend post.  This weekend we went to my parents house again and had a great time.  Friday, we went to dinner at one of our favorites, La Hacienda.  Landry loves to play outside on their patio.
Saturday night, My hubby took me out for my Birthday to my favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs. 
We had to get our favorite chocolate cake to go because we were so stuffed!
Sunday morning we went to Corner Bakery for breakfast
Then, Landry went back to my parents house to swim for a bit
My parents have been keeping Bobby's dogs this week and this is their house.  Landry thought it would be fun to crawl inside it!
Then, Sunday afternoon we got to go see Charley and I got some good snuggle time in!
Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charley Boozer

She's here!  We got to go up and see Charley tonight at the hospital and she is so cute.  Landry already loves her!  Here are just a few pictures I got of her.
We love you Boozer Family!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Landry, the Waterbaby

So, it is Wednesday and I am just now posting on our weekend.  This weekend was a wet and wild one!  Saturday, we went over to Tim's cousins house to swim and Landry of course wanted to jump in the pool as soon as we got there.  Here she is playing with her daddy in the pool.
Sunday, we finally got to go on my parents friends boat!  We were so excited because we love the lake.  This is no ordinary boat, it was huge!  It had plenty of room for Landry to roam and play.  After we found a little cove to anchor in, we got out the wave runner and raft.  Tim took full advantage of the wave runner. 
He made me go out on it for a bit, but this is not my cup of tea.  I liked floating in the lake and relaxing.  Landry got in and loved it! 
I was afraid it might be too cold, but she got right in and floated all around.  Don't worry, she never left our sight, my dad held onto her the whole time pratically!  
My dad let her help drive the boat!
Onward to the next weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

America's Sweetheart

This weekend was insane!  We had so much to do and squeezed it all in our little 3 day weekend.  Saturday, we went over to Tim's parents house to see Aunt Diane.  Have I told you how much I love Tim's Aunt?  Well, I do.  Landry loves her too! 
Sunday we were supposed to go on my parents friends boat, but the weather wasn't very pleasant, so we postponed it until this weekend and we just went to their house and swam instead.  Have I told you how much my girl loves a pool?  The minute she saw theirs in the backyard, she ran to the door squealing.  So, we jumped right in and swam for a while. 
Dani and Bobby got to come along too!  Such a pretty couple!
Landry made herself right at home at their house!
America's next top model!
So, I must tell you about their dog.  It is a 150 pound Newfoundland.  Oh my goodness, I have never seen such a big dog before.  Landry fell instantly in love.  Every time we would come inside to get something, she did this:
Do you see how much bigger he is than her?  She didn't care! 
Monday, we went over to Grammy's house to grill and swim some more.  Landry got to play with her cousins and her favorite, Uncle B! 
Happy 4th of July from our lil Firecracker!