Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Weekend of doing Nothing

How is it that on a weekend we are supposed to do nothing, we still end up being busy?  Oh well, such is the life with a toddler.  On Friday, Melissa and I took the kids to a pool, but we ended up getting rained out.  Landry and Austin didn't seem to mind and just played in the grass while we were waiting out the storm.
Saturday, we went to lunch
Then we came home and just lounged around.  Tim decided this was a good time to lower Landry's crib.  She is one boost away from falling out and we did not want to chance that!  This is the last time we can lower it.  It just makes me feel like she is one step closer to being a big girl!
Sunday we spent the day laying out
Then we celebrated my Birthday with the Smiths
Don't you just love when your boring weekend turns fun?

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