Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Landry, the Waterbaby

So, it is Wednesday and I am just now posting on our weekend.  This weekend was a wet and wild one!  Saturday, we went over to Tim's cousins house to swim and Landry of course wanted to jump in the pool as soon as we got there.  Here she is playing with her daddy in the pool.
Sunday, we finally got to go on my parents friends boat!  We were so excited because we love the lake.  This is no ordinary boat, it was huge!  It had plenty of room for Landry to roam and play.  After we found a little cove to anchor in, we got out the wave runner and raft.  Tim took full advantage of the wave runner. 
He made me go out on it for a bit, but this is not my cup of tea.  I liked floating in the lake and relaxing.  Landry got in and loved it! 
I was afraid it might be too cold, but she got right in and floated all around.  Don't worry, she never left our sight, my dad held onto her the whole time pratically!  
My dad let her help drive the boat!
Onward to the next weekend!

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