Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Fun Friday

Occasionally, I like to document the things that Landry and I do during the day.  Friday, I only work a half day, so that I can spend some time with Landry, just us.  I love it.  Yesterday after she got up from her nap, we spent some time in her room reading books.  She has loved pulling her books out of the shelf and looking at each one. 
When she was younger she would wear these rattle socks and shake them.  We recently discovered them again and now she has become obsessed with these socks.  She pulls them out of her sock bin and brings them to me to put on her.  Then she will walk all funny to make them rattle.  So cute!
Here are our little beggers.  When we are eating a snack, this is the usual response we get.
After dinner we let her go outside in her pool. 
She and Angel got to have a treat
I just love our Fridays together!

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