Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Aunt Stephanie

Landry wants to wish her Aunt Stephanie a Happy 30th Birthday! We love you and hope you have a great day!

So, this picture just made me laugh and I had to post it.  I told Landry to smile and this is what she did! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What did Landry do now Wednesday

Living with an almost 15 month old is hilarious sometimes. Tim and I crack up at some of the things she does. She is such an independent little girl and is really good about playing by herself. As Tim and I are getting ready she gets to play in our room and bathroom. It is the only way we can keep her occupied. Last night, as we were getting ready to go hang out with the Boozers, we noticed she was playing in our closet. No big deal, she does it all the time. This morning as we were getting ready, this is how the conversation went...
Tim-"there is a fork in my boot"
Kara-"better than a snake in your boot" (sorry, I've seen Toy Story one too many times!)
Tim-"no, I'm serious, there is a fork in my boot"
Kara-walks over to see that there is indeed a fork in Tim's boot

I guess she left it there for safe keeping!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My once a week post

So, I realized that I am only posting once a week. I am not meaning to, it just seems as if my life revolves around the weekends right now. Sad, I know. It's like we go,go,go Friday at noon through Sunday at 9PM. We decided since it was going to be so nice out all weekend, we would go hang out with my parents and spend some time with them.
Landry got her 2nd haircut. I know you are probably asking me, "why are you cutting her hair when it isn't even really that long?". I absolutely hate the mullet look. When it looks like her hair in the back is getting to "party in the back" for me, we trim it. Lucky for me, Amy my hairdresser adores Landry and will just snip snip it for me. She looks like such a big girl in the chair with her smock on. Now, if we could just get her hair on top to grow, we will be in business!

I like to keep it real on this blog, so here is what Landry does when Landry does not get her way.

Landry's new favorite toy is this car. It is 20 years old, and was Dani's when she was little. My mom has a knack for keeping things just knowing she will use them again, and lo and behold, she did!

Grammy and Granddaddy came for a visit Saturday morning and brought their dogs, Duke and Daisy. Landry loves them, because they are on her level and visa-versa! Please excuse the Walmart baby look, we just woke up from our nap!

My parents bought her this new tunnel with a tent on it, and I was trying to show her how to use it and this is what happens when you leave your camera out!

Landry got the hang of it real quick and was in that thing all weekend!

My poor baby was tuckered out, she slept almost the whole way home!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning

In my blogging absence, the Smith family has had some exciting stuff happening! Here is a rundown of what you have have missed:
1.Tim had knee surgery last week. He dislocated his kneecap and had to have some stuff done to it in order to function properly! Needless to say, he has been hobbling around for a week now. I affectionately tell him it is like having two children. He is so helpless. Poor guy. He is so ready to be able to walk and drive again.

2.Tim and I went out for our 4 year anniversary. It was so nice to eat out together without someone constantly pulling on me or taking my food off my plate and having some adult conversation. I love going to dinner with just him and I sometimes.

3.Landry, my mom, Dani and I went out for a girls dinner. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Cheesecake Factory. I love being so close to my mom and sister. We have such a good time together. Landry has discovered Aunt Dani's I Phone and loves the games!

4.Landry learned how to play peek-a-boo. All you have to say is "where's Landry?", and she automatically will put her hands over her eyes.

5.I purged my linen closet. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I love how organized it is now and how accessible I made it. It went from drab...

to fab!

6.We celebrated Debbie and Stephanie's birthdays. We had them over to the house and cooked fajitas and I made a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. Yum-Yum!

7.We learned that Angel loves goldfish as much as Landry does. Unfortunately, Landry also learned this and now thinks it is the funniest thing to feed them to her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I bet you didn't know Tim and I took up salsa dancing, did you? Here is the proof:
Go here to see!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 Years

2006: We got married

2007: We bought our first house

2008: We got pregnant

2009: We had Landry

2010:? Who knows what is in store for this year, but I know there is no one I would rather go through it with than Tim!
Happy 4 years, I love you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

14 Months Old

So with all the hoopla of our crazy Easter weekend, I totally forgot to blog about Landry turning 14 months old. This month has been one of our most challenging so far. She is getting to the age where she hates to be told NO and when you do say it, she will either fall into a puddle on the floor and bury her head or will stick her finger up her nose.

What is that about? With challenge also comes determination. I have never met a little girl so determined to do things her way, it makes me smile at all she is wanting to accomplish.
*She is now officially in size 18-24 month clothes and a size 5 shoe

*She refuses to keep a bow in her hair anymore and as a result, she got called a cute little boy at the post office the other day! In his defense, she was wearing yellow
*She absolutely adores Angel and as soon as we get home she runs over to her and hugs her and gives her a kiss. Angel on the other hand looks at me like "is she still here?"

I love you Landry. You make your mommy smile everyday. Your cute voice and laugh just make me want to burst at the thought that you are ours and you love us so much. Thank you for being just the way you are. I wouldn't change you for nothin!

(Why oh why will you now just go to your room and sit in your chair like it's no big deal, but 3 months ago, you had a meltdown when mommy tried to get you to sit there? Oh well, love you anyways!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter Weekend

We had such a fun-filled Easter weekend. We crammed so much into our little 3 day weekend! On Friday, Tim and I went to my parents house to stay the weekend and spend some time relaxing. It was such a nice weekend too! Saturday morning we headed over to my parents church so that Landry could Easter egg hunt. This was her first time to do this, and she was born to hunt! They were only allowed 12, so after 12, we had to pick her up and run, because she wanted to pick them all up! Since my parents live right behind their church we took her in the wagon. She loves her wagon and could be pushed around in it all day.

They also had a train, so of course I took her on it.

Saturday afternoon, when we got back to my parents house, Landry discovered Aunt Dani's old car and Pop pushed her around in it.

Meanwhile Angel got to do her most favorite thing in the world, swim!

Sunday morning we got ready to go to church with my parents and we decided since everyone was so dressed up, we would take some pictures. It made me really nostalgic to when Dani and I were little and my mom would dress us up in hats and frilly socks and make us stand together on the front porch and take our annual Easter picture!

My girl and I

Here is the basket the Easter Bunny brought her

Here is what Mimi and Pop bought her

All ready to go to church

After lunch we went back to Aunt Diane's house and she got to play with Lucky and Romo and have some banana pudding

Sunday afternoon we headed on over to Tim's parents house to send some time with them. Here are the treats that they got her

Cuddling with Grandma

She loved the grass in the basket more than the eggs!

Waiting with Grandpa while Grandma hides the eggs

Helping Landry hunt for eggs!

"Here, I found one!"

Daddy and his girl