Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter Weekend

We had such a fun-filled Easter weekend. We crammed so much into our little 3 day weekend! On Friday, Tim and I went to my parents house to stay the weekend and spend some time relaxing. It was such a nice weekend too! Saturday morning we headed over to my parents church so that Landry could Easter egg hunt. This was her first time to do this, and she was born to hunt! They were only allowed 12, so after 12, we had to pick her up and run, because she wanted to pick them all up! Since my parents live right behind their church we took her in the wagon. She loves her wagon and could be pushed around in it all day.

They also had a train, so of course I took her on it.

Saturday afternoon, when we got back to my parents house, Landry discovered Aunt Dani's old car and Pop pushed her around in it.

Meanwhile Angel got to do her most favorite thing in the world, swim!

Sunday morning we got ready to go to church with my parents and we decided since everyone was so dressed up, we would take some pictures. It made me really nostalgic to when Dani and I were little and my mom would dress us up in hats and frilly socks and make us stand together on the front porch and take our annual Easter picture!

My girl and I

Here is the basket the Easter Bunny brought her

Here is what Mimi and Pop bought her

All ready to go to church

After lunch we went back to Aunt Diane's house and she got to play with Lucky and Romo and have some banana pudding

Sunday afternoon we headed on over to Tim's parents house to send some time with them. Here are the treats that they got her

Cuddling with Grandma

She loved the grass in the basket more than the eggs!

Waiting with Grandpa while Grandma hides the eggs

Helping Landry hunt for eggs!

"Here, I found one!"

Daddy and his girl


The Shull Family said...

I'm exhausted just reading this post. What a big weekend!

Love, Dani said...

Your Uncle B and I had such a good time with you this weekend. We love your smile and laugh so very much. The fact that you are 14 months and can play on your Aunt Dani's iphone bubble pop game has to mean that you are the worlds smartest toddler. We love you and your parents so very much!
Love: Aunt Dani

Love, Dani said...

By the way Kara: what happen to the cute pic of me and you at Aunt Diane's house?