Monday, January 20, 2014

Hayden's Baby Dedication

On Sunday, we dedicated Hayden to The Lord. As a parent there is nothing greater than dedicating your child to God. My hope is that Hayden will grow up with Godly friends and family surrounding him. 
After church the entire family headed to eat lunch. 
The Clemens, Smiths and Lewis's
The Smith family
My Grammy and Grandaddy

"I prayed for this child, and The Lord has granted me what I asked of him" 
1 Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hayden is 3 Months Old!

On Saturday, Hayden turned 3 Months old.  

I thought after I had Landry, my time flew by, but having

another child makes it feel like a roller coaster!

The number one question I get about Hayden is

“Is he a good baby?”

Without a doubt, my answer is always yes.  

He is the best baby!  

He’s so laidback and easy going.

If Landry is my mini me, then he is definitely Tim’s.

She was always crazy and loud, and he’s the complete opposite.

He tends to take a backseat to his sister, but he doesn’t care.

Unless… he needs to eat!

If he’s hungry, drop what you’re doing and make him a bottle stat.


Sleep: He is sleeping about 10 hours a night.

He goes to bed every night at 9, and wakes up promptly at 7.  

With me going back to work last week, this is perfect.  

As far as naps go, he still takes about three a day.

On the weekends for me, he takes a morning one, after lunch and one at dinner time.

At daycare, he has been adjusting.  

He’s getting used to all the babies around him, so he isn’t sleeping well at all.

That makes for a very tired baby at night.  

He can usually sleep anywhere.  

I was holding him the other day at a birthday party,

and there were kids everywhere screaming and he

just fell asleep.  


Play: He got an activity mat for Christmas from my aunt and uncle

and he loves it!  At night when he gets home and I’m cooking dinner,

he lays on it and it keeps him entertained.  

We also started putting him in the bumbo.  

At first, he wasn’t crazy about it, but now he loves it.

The other night, we put him in it and put him in his spot at the

dinner table and it made me laugh all through dinner.


My Grammy and Granddaddy got him this activity cube for Christmas

and he loves it too!


Eat: This boy is an eater!

He is eating 6 bottles a day with 6 oz. of formula.

We eat every 3 hours and on that 3 hour mark,

he will let you know it is time to eat!

We had to change his formula this month to the sensitive

one, because he was spitting up after every feeding.

Poor thing, I felt bad.

I think he has a really sensitive stomach.

Changing the formula seemed to help though.


Oh my goodness, I love this little boy!

He makes me smile every time I look at him.

I just thank God for blessing our family with him.

He makes our little family complete!


Love you Hayden Timothy!