Monday, August 25, 2014

Landry goes to Kindergarten

Today is a day I have been waiting for (or dreading, your pick) for over five years!  My sweet, little baby girl started her first day of Kindergarten today!  I knew this day was coming, I have prepared myself for what seems like months, and then this morning when I woke up, God whispered to me that my baby is ready to take on this great big world and that she will do great!


I woke her up early this morning so she could shower and fix her hair and have time for our photo shoot as she calls it!  That’s my girl!


I pray that Tim and I have done a good enough job teaching her right from wrong and to always be sweet and kind and generous, but don’t take crap from anyone!  


Hayden had to get in on the action too!  


Here she is walking into her classroom.  She was ready to go!  She’s been counting down this day longer than us I think.  

I started a new position at work today and when I got here they had Kleenex and cookies waiting for me, they know the way to my heart!


I left work early to pick her up and take her to get snow cones and she told me all she did!  

 She had the best day and that makes me feel great!  I know she is so ready to be a “big kid” as she calls it, and I love her spirit and tenacity to go for whatever she wants and I pray that she never looses that drive.  


For dinner, we decided to do something fun, so we took her to Fuddruckers  which she loves and then she proceeded to talk our ear off about her day again.  


Tim and I wanted to do something special for her this last weekend, so we left Hayden with my parents and took her to the aquarium at Grapevine Mills Mall.  She loved it!  


Then we went to a fancy dinner and surprised her with yogurt afterwards.  


I love these special traditions we are making with her and I want to make sure to continue them for Hayden too.  


I saw this letter somewhere and I’ve been saving it to print off for her room because it reminds me so much of her:



Love you my sweet Landry, and I know you are going to be awesome and ROCK Kindergarten!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Orange Beach vacation!

We are back from our week long vacation at the beach.  We are a little more rested and a lot more tanner!  We had such a great week with nothing to do but lay out, eat, drink and sleep.  

Here is a review of what all happened on our vacation to Orange Beach.  


On Saturday, my parents decided they wanted to break the 10 hour drive into two days, so they grabbed Landry on their way out of town and took her by herself to Jackson, MS and let her stay in a hotel and swim and eat dinner out, just her.  She loved it!  Landry is such a great big sister, but I’m still reminded that she loves that one on one time periodically.  


Sunday, at 5 AM, we picked up Dani and Bobby and headed out for a 10 hour car ride.  I was a little nervous about how Hayden would do, but he was awesome!  He did start to get squirmy every now and then, but we would stop every few hours and eat or get gas and stretch our legs.  Dani and I had such a good time in the back seat with him.


He did great at taking cat naps and would doze off every now and then.  


We arrived at the condo around 5PM and got groceries, cooked dinner and sacked out!  We were exhausted.  


Monday, we just hung out by the pool and rested and got primped and ready for family pictures!  I scheduled these the first night because I wanted to get them out of the way and I discovered that my kids are not so hot on taking pictures!  Landry did well for the most part, but after about 10 minutes, Hayden was done.  Luckily, we got our family out of the way first and then we were done.  After pictures we headed to dinner at a yummy seafood place that had a place for kids to play.  Landry loved it!  She and Bobby started building a sand castle when dinner arrived, so she didn’t get to finish, but she had plenty of opportunity for those later in the week.  


Landry slept in my bed for the first few nights and I loved it!  She is such a mamma’s girl right now and is so sweet to me.  Hayden joined in too for part of the night Monday!


The best part of our room was that it faced the ocean, and had such a nice balcony to sit on and drink coffee in the mornings and do my quiet time.  


Tuesday, Tim, Landry, Hayden and I headed out to visit a family friend who moved about an hour and a half away from where we were and we took advantage and went to visit them.  Landry had such a great time.  I discovered that she is such a city kid though.  They had a tire swing and she had no clue what to do on it!  She ended up loving it and played on it all afternoon.  Needless to say, she is now asking for a tire swing for Christmas!  


She also learned how to climb a tree.  


We had such a great time visiting them!


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent just lying out by the pool and going back and forth between there and the beach.  The greatest thing about our condo was that it was private and right on the water.  So, it wasn’t crowded at all.  We could just hop from the beach to the pool to the room with no problem at all.  I would definitely go back there again, we loved it!  


All in all, I had such a good time with my people.  I got to spend a lot of time with my hubby, kids and family.  


We loved it and needed it.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hayden is 10 months old!

I cannot believe we are in month 10 already!  Time is just flying by for our boy.  This month has brought on a lot of changes for him.  When I compare his 9 month photo to this one, I feel like he has grown so much!


Biggest Milestone:

We have two this month!  He is officially crawling.  He started about a week after he turned 9 months old and hasn’t stopped since!  Having a crawler is more difficult than I remembered.  I can’t just lay him down to change him anymore.  If my hand is not on him, he immediately rolls over and is gone!  We put the baby gate at the top of the stairs so he could roam up there and he loves it!  

The second milestone is his 5th tooth!  He has three up top and two on the bottom now.  



He is eating 3 bottles a day with 8 oz. of formula in each.  He is eating cereal and fruit/vegetables three times a day also.  We also added in turkey, shredded cheese, eggs, avocado and rice this month.  He loves all types of food, which makes it so easy for this busy mom!  



He loves any toy he can get his hands on!  Although, these days every toy ends up in his mouth.  



He is still sleeping about 13 hours a night and two short naps during the day.  


We ate watermelon outside a few weeks ago, and at first he didn’t know what to make of it, but then he loved it!


Celebrating my Birthday with my precious boy!


I took him for his 9 month checkup last week and he weighs 25 pounds (98th percentile), is 30 inches tall (97th percentile) and has a head circumference of 16.25 inches (68th percentile).  When I looked back and compared him to Landry, she was 24 pounds and 30 inches tall, so they are right around the exact same size!  


We went to Charley's birthday party and Hayden got to play with his buddies! 

We are enjoying our vacation so much!  Hayden however does not love the beach as you can tell by the photo above!  More pictures to follow!