Monday, March 29, 2010

Where in the World have the Smith's Been?

Hello Blog World! Or all 10 of you that read this! I realized I have not blogged in a while. We have been super busy and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. But, I'm back! Here are 10 things that happened while we were away...

1. Brady Boozer had his 3rd Birthday party! Landry had such a good time running around, sliding and watching him open his gifts!

2. We are running now! Gone are the days I can easily chase after her. She is gone faster than I can catch her most days.

3. She had her first taste of cookie cake...and loved it. She is also drinking out of a straw now!

4. She wore my apron from when I was a little girl. My mom has it at her house and I wore it to make dinner the other night and then we put it on her!

5. Landry and Austin went on their first wagon date! Robbie and Tim pushed them around the neighborhood and they loved it!

6. I went to Las Vegas and Phoenix for work. This was my first time in Vegas and the only thing I really wanted to see was the Bellagio fountains. They were so pretty and the music that accompanies them is great.

7. I went back to Just Between Friends this year. I love this event. Here is all the loot I got this year, all for 45.00!!!

8. Landry went to her first baby shower...and probably her last for a while. She is just at that age where she won't sit still and it was too hard to watch her, so Pop to the rescue to come and get her!

9. She went to our cousin, Reed's 2nd Birthday party at The Little Gym. She absolutely loved it. She got to run free and play with all the other kids and dance and jump, she was in her element!

10. She learned to eat pasta like the Lady and the Tramp!

Hope that catches you up on where we have been. I promise to not be gone for so long again!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing catch-up

So, needless to say, this week has been crazy! Both Tim and Landry have been sick, and I am avoiding them like the plague. I am going out of town next week, and getting sick just does not fit into the agenda! We have been going 90 mph lately and I am finally putting some pictures up that I took over the weekend and this week.

Saturday, my dad's whole family went to the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie. It is this really old house that is supposedly haunted, and they have the best catfish and hush puppies. We stuffed ourselves silly. I loved going to Waxahachie because it is still a really old southern town, and they have all these unique antique stores with some really great finds. Here are some of my favorite girls, my sister, daughter and our cousin, Stephanie. She is getting so old, but luckily she still loves to hang out with Dani and I!

Wednesday night, we went to dinner with some old friends who came into town with their kids. The Wheeler's and Tim and I go way back. Lance was our teacher in high school, but was not much older than us, so he and Tim formed a bond, and have remained friends ever since. He and his wife, Mandy brought their four adorable kids into town with them this time, so we all went to dinner. Here are some of the pictures I got of the kids playing outside of the restaurant. Landry was in Heaven! She ran around with them like she was such a big kid. She loved just watching the older girls and tried to do what they did!

Me and my little leprechaun!

It's Thursday, and I am so ready for the weekend!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our visit to the ER

I wasn't really sure if I wanted to talk about this on the blog, but as I have been reminded, this is our family's little diary and I want to remember this time in our lives. On Thursday, I got the call no mother wants to get. Luckily, it was Tim calling me and he has a way of making me calm in a not so calm situation. He told me that Landry had a seizure and had been unconscious and was being rushed to Children's Hospital. I felt the blood rush from my face and just listened to what he had to tell me. My boss was sweet enough to drive me there and we got there just as the ambulance was pulling in. Once I saw Landry, and she saw me, we both started crying. Seeing my baby wheeled in on a stretcher is not an image I would like to remember. My dad and Tim's mom met us there and we all just waited while Landry had some tests run on her. I was so scared and just held her the whole time. As Shay reminded me over the phone, this was the best hospital she could be at, and if there was anything wrong, they were going to find it. After all the tests were run, they came in and told us that she had a febrile seizure. They are usually brought on at the beginning of the fever. She ended up having a sinus infection and that is what is causing the fever. We are on the mend now and she has been just fine all weekend. After we found out that all was fine, I took some pictures to document this time in our lives.

I probably looked funny taking a picture in the ER, but I didn't care. For those of you that knew, thank you so much for your prayers and for making sure we were all OK. You know who you are, and we love you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Loving...

Things I am loving right now...
The tulips my husband surprised me with on my kitchen table

Wagon walks with my girl

Her chubby legs in these shorts

Wearing flip flops

How my girl loves her dada

Knowing I'm going to spend some good sister time with this girl this weekend

What are you loving right now?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Austin!

Saturday, Austin turned ONE!!!

Melissa did a great job of decorating her house and ordered a yummy cake! Landry loved the icing the best. We got to see Melissa's family, which was a treat. Here are just a few of the pictures I snapped.

We love you Austin!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

13 Months Old

Today you are 13 months old! You have gotten so much older just in this last month to me. You are really independent and love playing on your own. It makes your mommy so happy to see you playing and entertaining yourself. Last night while we were playing you started saying momma again! Daddy heard it and looked at me, and I squealed with delight! Your new thing is to come and sit in my lap when I am sitting on the ground. We don't have to be doing anything, you just like to come and sit with me. I can tell you all the things I am feeling and you won't judge me or look at me weird. I hope we will always have this connection. I love being your mommy more than you know. Here are some stats on you right now:
*You are currently in 18-24 month clothes
*You weigh around 27 lbs
*You got your first haircut this month
*You absolutely love Angel, and whenever you see her you give her a big kiss and hug

Here is a video I took yesterday of her in her new swing.

I cannot resist her giggle, it is too cute to me.