Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hayden is 5 months old!

Today, Hayden turns 5 months old!  My baby boy is getting so big, and it makes this mama sad.  He’s changing so much right now, and doing so much new stuff, so let’s get to it.


First big thing?

He’s popping in his first tooth!  Big sister’s came in right around the same time, so he’s right on track with her.  He’s been fussy for a few weeks which is super odd for him, since he’s not a fussy baby.  I knew something was up.  Then my mother in law kept him yesterday and told me she felt something, and lo and behold, I felt his gums last night, and there was a little speck of white.  


Eat: He’s eating so well now!  At first, he wasn’t too crazy about it, but once he got the hang of this food stuff, he loved it.  After every bite, he opens his mouth really wide like “mom, hurry and give me another bite”.  He loves sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, and blueberries.  He HATES peas!  I’ve tried twice now to give them to him and both times, he makes this hilarious face and spits them out.  So yeah, not a fan of the peas for sure.  


He’s still eating 5 bottles a day with 7 oz of formula in them.  He’s such a good eater.  He knows when it’s time to eat though, and he will let you know!  



Play: He loves the kindle! Landry is constantly on it and he loves to watch her play her games. 

He also loves his activity cube still.  I sat him in the bumbo in front of it the other day and Landry showed him how to move everything and play with it.  Although, I’ve discovered we can no longer fit in the bumbo!  Those chubby thighs are just not made for those small holes they put in those chairs.  



Sleep: He is still sleeping at night so well.  He sleeps from 7:00pm-6:30am during the week and about 8:00pm-8:00am on the weekends.  As for naps?  Ugh, I’ve tried, but this baby loves his short cat naps.  He takes a short nap in the morning, one during lunch and then a pretty big one in the afternoon.  But, put him in his car seat and in the car, and he’s usually out.  So, running errands day turns into cat nap day.  


Here are some of the things Hayden did this month:


We threw a shower for Hilary and Amy, two fellow mamas in our Sunday school class.  They both are such rock star moms so we went with the perfect theme for them!  We have 8 new babies being born this year in our class alone, and I love it!  Hayden is going to grow up with such good friends.  


Last week, we went over to Kari’s house for a play date, and this is what I found after pulling into the garage.  Now, that’s a successful play date!  


This kid can sleep anywhere!  We went out to eat last week and after I got done feeding him, this is what happened.  Full belly means it’s time to sleep.


It was a rare beautiful sunny day in February, and around these parts, that means we head for Joe T Garcia’s!  Hayden loved sitting outside people watching.  


We took him for his 4 month appointment a few weeks ago and he weighed in at 17 pounds, 1 oz. I was multitasking that day and took Landry for her 5 year appointment as well. 


A few weeks ago my parents treated us to a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. It was so much fun! Landry had a blast. Hayden pretty much did this the whole time 

But we put his swimsuit on him for the first time and put him in the water. He was not a fan! I'm hoping come summer he will like it more. We've got lots of pool days ahead of us lil man!

I know I say this every month, but it’s so true.  This boy makes me so happy.  He wakes up with a smile and doesn’t stop all day.  When I walked into my mother in laws house yesterday to pick him up, the instant he saw me he got this huge smile on his face.  It made me so happy to know that he loves me so much!  What would I do without my husband and kids?  God has truly blessed me!  


Love you HTS!