Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites- Kid Edition

This week’s Friday Favorites are all about my kiddos.  I’ve gotten to spend a lot of one on one time with them the past few weeks.  


Hayden came home sick on Wednesday last week and Thursday my mom stayed with him and then I took him to the doctor.  

 Poor boy had a viral infection and another ear infection.  I just cannot keep this boy well.  Friday, I took a vacation day and stayed home with him.  Landry went to school so we got some good one on one time.  

I love this baby so much.  He just makes me so happy.  


Friday night, Tim’s parents had Hayden so Saturday I had Landry to myself.  Tim refs at our old church on Saturday mornings, so I’m usually by myself with the kids.  


Saturday was beautiful outside.  Landry and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and then we laid out on the trampoline and just soaked in the sun.  


Angel soaked up the sun too


I love my kids.  Spending time with them is one of my favorite past times.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Celebrating Six

Last Wednesday our baby girl turned Six.  She had such a great birthday and we celebrated into the weekend.  Here is how we celebrated our girl this year.


Wednesday morning, Tim and I lit a candle on her chocolate chip muffin and went into her room and woke her up singing happy birthday to you.  She loved it!  She just sat there listening to us sing with the biggest smile on her face.  In case it isn’t already apparent, the girl loves to have the attention on her.  


Wednesday night, we let her pick the dinner spot, and she picked Spring Creek BBQ.  Random place and I asked her at least a dozen times if she was sure, and she was pretty adamant about going there so we obliged.  Can’t pass up good BBQ!

When deciding what to do for her party this year, she really wanted a slumber party.  I knew a few of her friends might be too young to stay the night, so we compromised and had her friends over to play and paint and have pizza.  She was totally cool with that idea.  


I had all these ideas swirling around in my head and went with a pink and green theme.  Simple, but girly.  


I ordered cupcakes and cake pops from our cake lady, and they were so yummy.


She invited 6 of her favorite girls over and one couldn’t make it, but they had the best time together!  Landry is at such a sweet age with her friends.  They still giggle and have so much fun together but without all the drama yet. Thank the Lord!  


I got this idea from one of my mom’s friends to buy wooden letters and let them paint them.  They ended up loving this!  They were so excited to make something all their own.  


She opened presents and got some cute clothes and fun girly stuff.  


Then we sang happy birthday to her once again.  


After that, they all played pretty pretty princess.  


For the gift box, I put a pink nail polish, some fun sunglasses, an ice cream lip gloss and some candy jewelry.  


This girl had the best party and kept thanking Tim and I over and over.  Simple party, but such a huge impact on her.  


Saturday night, we did her family party.  We invited all our close family and headed out to her favorite restaurant, Babes.  Landry has wanted to go here for her birthday since last year when we went one night and they sang to a little girl.  It’s all she’s talked about since.  


They put the chicken hat on her and sang happy birthday to her and she got super shy but loved every minute of it!  


I love my family.  We always have the best time together and they all love my kids like they are their own.  

 After dinner, we went back to our house so she could open more presents.  This girl definitely wasn’t lacking in the clothes department this year.  She got some really cute items.  


Then we sang happy birthday to her once again (third time this week) and brother helped her blow out her candle, it was too cute.  


I still cannot believe this little girl is 6!  She is turning into such a sweet little lady.  I cannot wait to see what this next year brings her!  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Landry Kate turns Six!

Six years ago today, my life was changed for the better.  Landry Kate Smith entered this world and made me a mom.  I had wanted a child my whole adult life and now here she was, this tiny little baby that Tim and I were to take home and raise.  I was so scared.  I had no clue what I was doing.  But, I have learned that God gave her to us for a reason and there are days where I’m still winging it half the time.  


Landry is kind, she is smart as a whip, she’s sarcastic and she is the best big sister to Hayden.  She is a lot of me with a sprinkle of Tim thrown in.  She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it or do it herself.  She tests my patience on a daily basis.  She talks constantly and about any subject.  She’s already reading on a 2nd grade level.  


I asked our family to send me thoughts about Landry.  When they think of her, what comes to mind and here is what was said…


-Her smile lights up a room


-I love her laugh, I love how smart she is and I love how thoughtful she is



-A little ball of energy and life

-Uncle B


-She is my sunshine.  She makes me feel special.  Life is truly grand because she is here



-L.B. is the most beautiful, the smartest, and the most strong willed lil girl I have ever met and who has completely changed my life in so many ways

-Aunt Steffie


-She has always been my sweetie pie and always will be.  I love her and love spending time with her



-She is my ragmuffin and I love her


Six years ago, God gave us the greatest gift.  He entrusted us to raise her and take care of her and show her the right way.  I know that I’m the mom and I’m supposed to be teaching her the right path, but there isn’t a day that goes by that she isn’t teaching me something.  I learn something new every day from her.  



Landry Kate Smith-

Six years ago, we received the greatest gift.  You are kind, you are funny, you are sarcastic and your smile lights up any room you walk into.  I love that you hold my face when you are talking to me and want me to pay attention to you.  I love that you always want to be with me and be my big helper.  Everyone who knows you always tells me how smart you are and I’m pretty sure you know it.  Starting kindergarten this year has been one of the best things to you.  You love it!  Your daddy and I love you so very much.  Six years later, we still don’t really know what we are doing but we are all figuring it out together!  


Love you sweet girl to the moon and back!



Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday!  This weekend was such a fun time with friends and family.  We packed a lot into our 72 hours.  In fact, I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!  


Friday, my sister found out if I’m getting a niece or a nephew.  I wore pink because #teampink.  

Tim and I both guessed girl and Landry guessed boy.  Landry was right!  Dani and Bobby sent us the cutest video telling us that we are adding another boy to our family!  I could not be more excited.  When I told Landry, she started jumping up and down, so she’s pretty happy!  She loves her brother and is super excited to be getting a boy cousin.  


Saturday evening we headed over to Tim’s parent’s house to celebrate Mike’s birthday.  We had yummy steak and then carrot cake for dessert.  


I love my father in law!  He is funny, genuinely sweet and loves, loves his grandkids.  He makes me laugh whenever I’m around him.  


Sunday, we went over to our friend’s house to a Super Bowl party!  I tried two yummy new recipes that I got off of my sisters blog and they were super easy and good.  I made a yummy peanut butter dip shaped like a football and bacon wrapped chicken bites.  


I love our friends and their kids.  It is so chaotic when all are in the same house and there is never a quiet moment with 15 kids screaming and running around.  


My boy loves him some Corby Boozer.  


Our weekend was such a fun one, that I dreaded getting up for work this morning.  This time in my life is so fast paced and fun that I’m just trying to take it all in!  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites Friends Edition

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least.  I need time to slow down right now.  If there were only about two more hours in the day, I would be able to get everything done, but there aren’t, so blogging usually takes the backseat. 


Here are some highlights from our week this past week.


Goodbye for now…

Tim’s sweet grandmother passed away two weeks ago, and we celebrated her life last Friday.  It was a small ceremony and the people she loved the most came and celebrated the 88 years she was here on this earth.  I loved her so much.  She was the sweetest lady and she made me always feel like I was one of her grandkids.  She will be truly missed.


Aunt Steffie time…

On Saturday night, Tim’s sister requested to have Landry over for a slumber party.  She was so excited!  They played games, watched Frozen and then she decorated Steph’s wheelchair!  Landry had the best time and has laughed about that all week!



On Sunday I had Hayden by himself since Landry spent the night at Tim’s parent’s house so I had a little more time to spend than I normally do, so I decided to play around with his hair.  He’s never had a trim so it is super long on top, so I put some gel in it and spiked it up.  He was so cute!  He looked like such a little boy and not a baby (insert me sobbing in the corner here).


Let’s go Mavs…

So, on Tuesday night I got an opportunity that doesn’t come frequently.  My new team got offered to go to the Mav’s game and sit on the front row behind the visitor’s team!  Now, I’m not a huge basketball fan, but after Tuesday I am!  It was so fun!  My family kept texting me telling me they could see me on TV!  We went in a suite and had drinks and snacks, then we went and watched the game and had awesome seats.  It was such an experience, one I will never forget.  This is my team along with our rep from Dr. Pepper that took us.  


Girl’s night out…

Wednesday night I got to meet two of my best work friends out to dinner.  We used to work together and now one is a flight attendant and one is in another department.  We try and get together often and when we do I remember why we are friends.  I love these girls so much and we laugh for three hours strait talking.  


Friends are friends forever…

Last night I had dinner with a lady that I’ve worked with for ten years, my entire career at SWA.  She has celebrated with me through the good times and let me cry on her shoulder in the tough times.  I am truly going to miss her.  It’s so hard losing close friends that you know you won’t be seeing on a daily basis anymore, but I know she has such a great path in front of her.


Woo-hoo!  Another weekend is upon us.  A certain someone is turning SIX next week and we have some serious party planning going on over here, so we’ve got some shopping to do.  Ugh, I cannot believe my first born is turning six.  Someone hold me please. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Woo-hoo!  Another week has come and gone and I’ve been waiting on this day to get here for 6 weeks!  Why, you ask?  I’ll get to that in a minute.  I’m once again linking up with Narci, Erika and Andrea.  


Aunt Kara…

Today marks a very special day.  I finally get to announce that I’m going to be an aunt!!!  When my sister called me back in early December to tell me I was speechless.  I knew they wanteda baby and I’ve been praying over them but for some reason it took a minute to sink in.  I mean she’s my baby sister and now she’s going to have a baby!  Dani is by far one of the best aunts I have ever seen.  She loves her nieces and nephews like she is their own mother.  She texts me weekly asking for pictures because she misses their squishy faces and just wants to look at them.  I can only hope that I can return the favor.  It is my promise to her that I will try my hardest to be as good to her kids as she’s been to mine.  


I love this little baby so much already.  


Dani posted this picture on her blog


So in honor of today, Landry and I wore our Chuck Taylors too!  Landry has no clue she’s going to be a cousin, but I know once she finds out she is going to be so excited!  


So, none of the other things that happened this week compare, but here are some other favorites that happened this week.  


Our first baby…

When Tim and I got married there was already a woman sleeping in his bed.  Angel was our first baby and once Landry and Hayden came along she kind of took a backseat to them.  She never really seems to mind though.  We joke that she is their other mom.  She licks them when they are upset and she lets them lay on her.  Hayden loves her!  The minute we walk down the stairs in the morning he says “hi digel”.  Side note, I love that he calls her that.  Landry also called her digel.  


Curly Sue…

So, when I cut my hair I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to curl it anymore without looking like Shirley Temple.  But, I’vefound some good YouTube videos for curling short hair and I love the way it turned out.  Definitely my favorite hairstyle of the week.


Lost tooth…

So, Landry came running down the stairs Saturday so excited because she lost another tooth.    That makes 3 top teeth missing and her 7th one to lose.  She has this huge gap on top now and when she talks she sounds funny, but she is so cute!  Funny story.  We put the tooth on the island so we wouldn’t lose it to put out for the tooth fairy that night and I accidentally placed my purse on the counter on top of it forgetting it was there.  Later that night we heard Angel eating something off the floor and I went over to inspect and the tooth was gone!  I guess it had fallen on the floor and Angel ate it up.  Landry was so upset!  She just knew the tooth fairy wasn’t going to come visit her.  But don’t worry, the tooth fairy still showed up!  



Saturday night we headed over to the Boozers house to celebrate one of Hayden’s best friends, Corby.  He turned one!  How these boys got so big, so fast is beyond me.  They are so funny together.  They wrestle and roll around and try to tackle one another.  It cracks us up.  Hilary outdid herself with this party.  It was aviation themed and she had the cutest decorations set up.  I love this family!  They are such good friends and I love that our boys get to grow up together!  

 Well another weekend is upon us and it’s supposed to be beautiful here.  But, we do live in Texas so that could change!  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Christmas Break

So, since I had two weeks off with the kids I wanted to make sure we fit some fun things in along with all the Christmas activities.  My kiddos are pretty far apart in age so I find it difficult to find things both of them are into.  We made it work though!


On the Friday that school got out I left work early and went up to Landry’s school to help with her class party.  I love her teacher this year.  She is a very seasoned kindergarten teacher and has been really good with Landry.  I prayed hard over the summer for Landry to get a teacher who would take good care of her for me but also have the right amount of discipline that Landry needs to learn.  She is definitely those things.  I loved being able to meet all of Landry’s friends and I heard some of the funniest things come out of these five year olds mouths.  


On Sunday the 21st my hubby turned 33.  Tim is a very behind the scenes kind of guy and hates being fussed over or any attention made to him (I guess it’s good that he married me then :)) so we went over to his parent’s house along with my parents and just did a quiet dinner with cake.  It was wonderful.  


I love this man of mine.  He’s so good to us and always does his best to take care of us and provide for us.  He’s a good one.


After all the Christmas activities were over I decided on that Friday after since we had no plans that it was a good day to take down our Christmas.  This is always a sad day for me.  It means another Christmas is over.  My babies are only babies for so long and I love seeing their faces light up at Christmas time and it always makes me a little sad to see these things go back in the garage, but I do love having my house back in order and cleaned.  


I love Six Flags!  I love Holiday in the Park even more.  So, now that Landry is old enough to enjoy it, we decided to head out there.  We picked the wrong day to go.  It was super crowded so we didn’t get to ride as much as I had hoped, but don’t worry, we upgraded our tickets to a season pass, so we have all year to go now.  I’m so excited about this.  Landry had such a good time and now we can go back whenever we want and only stay a little while.  


One night my parents asked to have Landry, so I got a whole day to myself with my boy.  I don’t get a lot of alone time with him.  Landry is super jealous of him sometimes and wants my attention and luckily he is like his daddy and doesn’t require a lot of mine.  I love being able to just spend one on one time with him.  He’s such a sweet boy and is really into playing with his toys and cars but still wants to sit in my lap and love on me.  


On New Year’s Eve we went out to dinner with our best friends.  This is the second year in a row that we have been out and I really do enjoy it.  I love spending time with these people that do life with us.  These girls mean so much to me.  I’d be lost without their guidance and late night text messages.  


On the Saturday before we headed back to school and work we went to the Grapevine Mills mall.  Landry had some Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket and was begging to do the trampoline there.  Every time we go to the mall she begs us to do it, but we never seem to have the time.  So, on this day we promised her if she wanted to use her money she could do it.  


She loved it!  She bounced really high and had the biggest smile on her face.  She said it was definitely worth spending her money on.  

I had such a good break.  I cried on the way to work Monday morning leaving them.  I love being their mom and raising them.  They bring me such joy.  There are days where I do get frustrated and want to pull my hair out.  But, I know they are only little for so long and I’ll miss these days one day.  So, through the frustration I just smile.  I prayed so hard for them and God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with Landry and Hayden.