Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Week!

Yay!  Landry's Birthday week has arrived. 
I love birthdays, and I cannot wait to celebrate our little girl this weekend. 
First though, I must document this past weekend. 
On Thursday, the girls that I work with had the opportunity to all go to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then get manicures and pedicures!  It was such a nice treat to just sit and chat with these woman for a few hours.  Then on top of that to get our nails and toes done!
Saturday night, we went to dinner with the Boozers.  We love the Boozers and have so much fun when we get together!  Now that Landry and Brady are getting bigger they are having more fun together too! 
Here is my girl ready to get her grub on with some hibachi!
Landry loves Charley!  Well, Landry loves any baby, but especially Charley!  She put her napkin in Charleys carseat and tried to hold her hand during dinner.  She sat next to her in the car on the way there and I caught her holding her hand the whole time!
Two silly kids
Hilary was putting lotion on Charley's feet and Landry just scooted her way next to them to watch and try to help
Sunday morning ready for church!
Sunday for lunch we went over to Grammy's house to celebrate Grandaddy's Birthday. 
Landry loves to help anyone and everyone open their presents whether they want the help or not!
Eating sopapilla cheesecake with Aunt Dani
Sunday night we went to Spring Creek for some yummy BBQ!
Tonight we had a first for Landry.  She ate meatloaf for the first time! 
I realized I had never cooked it since before she came along. 
Now I'll have to cook it more often because she scarfed it down!
Let the partying begin!  Countdown is T minus 4 days...


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Weekend

Before I start on our weekend, I want to make sure and document my morning with Landry last Wednesday. 
I had a dinner that night so I went into work late so Landry and I went to Starbucks for breakfast and coffee.  Luckily it was pretty slow in there except for some older men who probably come every morning to read the paper and drink coffee.  We sat down in the comfy chairs, me with my skinny vanilla latte, her with her skinny vanilla milk and our muffins.  She was so cute just sitting there drinking her milk and eating her muffin.  The older men kept commenting on how cute she was and how good she was being.  Then, she heard the music that they play in there.  She started dancing, it was the cutest thing.  
Friday morning, we had to take Landry to the doctor.  She had started to get a cough again and was wheezing, so I figure we better take her in to get some more medicine.  Here we are waiting for the doctor to come in. 
They suggested we do 2 breathing treatments, and they seemed to work pretty fast.  She did such a good job and after a while wanted to hold it herself. 
Saturday, we went wedding dress shopping for this girl (Dani, not Landry!)
I still cannot believe my baby sister is getting married in 7.5 months! 
By the way, I love, love, love her dress. 
Saturday night we went to Texas Roadhouse and while we were waiting, Landry discovered that she loves peanuts!
Sunday morning, I had my sister take some Birthday pictures of Landry in her birthday pajamas. 
 I think they turned out really cute!
Then, we went to Costco.  I know, exciting right. 
Landry was loving all the samples you get!
After that, we went to lunch. 
Our favorite way to occupy Landry while we are waiting for our meal? 
This bag:
It is Dani's makeup bag and has all kinds of glosses and lipsticks in it, and Landry loves it! 
It keeps her occupied a good while!

Here we are waiting in Daddy's truck. 
She loves to pretend to drive. 
Mommy is glad we have another 14 years till this is a reality!
We came home Sunday night and played for a while before we went to bed. 
She is such a little mommy to her dolls. 
Here she is reading her night night book to her baby. 
Ugh, so cute!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Landry Loves...

Sitting and watching football with her daddy. 
I am not athletic, do not have an athletic bone in my body, but hopefully Landry did not get that from me.  She loves to sit and watch sports with her daddy. 
Tim loves it!
Her North Carolina shirt from the Thomas family! 
They were so sweet to send Landry a Christmas package filled with North Carolina memorabilia. 
It says Carolina Girls... in the world
Her new love? 
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. 
We went to Target Saturday morning with Grammy and Grandaddy and they insisted on buying her a treat. 
 I picked these out for her and she loved it! 
Corn on the cob! 
We went to Chili's Saturday night and corn came with my meal. 
She grabbed it off my plate and started going to town! 
I love this little girl so much! 
We wore our new "boyfriend" jeans that Aunt Dani and Uncle B got her for Christmas Saturday.
They looked so cute on her!
Hope your week is going well

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mommy and Me Day

Every once in a while I get a whole day to spend just Landry and I. 
I love days like these. 
We start off on a clean slate with nothing planned, but the day ends up being a whirlwind!  
Today was one of those days. 
We woke up around 8 and the first thing she wanted to do was read books.  Landry has really gotten into reading and wants me to read three books before we go to bed. 
Please excuse the bed head!
Then, we ate our breakfast which consisted of banana and waffles. 
Another new obbsession?  Bananas or "ninas" as she likes to call them. 
She would eat one at every meal if we would let her.
After that we got ready for our bath. 
We are potty training or at least introducing the potty, so whenever we are in the bathroom she sits on the toilet. 
It's a start, right?
Bathtime!  Landry loves her baths. 
Then, we went and ran some arrands. 
We went to Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Target. 
She was such a good girl getting in and out of the car.
After we were done, we went and had lunch together at one of our favorite places, Chick-Fil-A. 
Can I just brag on the Colleyville Chick-Fil-A?  From the moment we stepped in the door we were treated like royalty.  They helped me put Landry in a high chair, then carried my food to our table and then one of the workers came over and set Landry's place mat on the table and gave me some wipes for when we were done eating.  I'm sure they do this to everyone, but this was the first time I really took notice. 
I figured after all that yummy food, Landry needed to run off some steam.  Boy was I right!  She played in there for 30 minutes.  Can I just explain this hat?  She loves it and refuses to take it off no matter where we are.  She wore it through all the stores, through lunch and then playing.  I was fine with her keeping it on because if you had seen her hair once I did take it off, you would be glad we kept it on! 
After we were done playing, I took her home and she slept 3.5 hours! 
Such a nice treat for me. 
I got so much done during that time. 
After her nap we played until daddy came home. 
We had such a good day together.
I love being able to spend time with just her and I sometimes. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Girl Bed

So let me paint a picture for you.  Imagine I'm napping yesterday afternoon.  All is normal until Tim comes in to wake me up and tell me that Landry is banging on her bedroom door to get out.  In a daze it doesn't fase me until I remember she would have to crawl out of her crib to get to that point.  I jump up and run to get the camera.  We walk in and she runs to us so excited for what she had just done.  So, what else could we do but set up her toddler bed?  I was going to wait until she turned 2, but now was obviously the time!  Before we took the bed down, we asked her to demonstrate how she got out of the bed.  I present to you the reenactment:
Sitting in her big girl bed
So, how did she do last night?  Well, the beginning was rough, she didn't quite understand the concept and cried for a bit, but then Tim and I laid her in there and talked to her and told her how big she was, and then we crept out and she slept the whole night in there!  Tim got her up this morning and she was playing in her bed. 
Here is how she was after her 4 hour nap this afternoon!  She was tired.
Also, guess what we got today?  Snow!  Landry kept running to the back door and saying "snow".  Unfortunately, it didn't stick around too long. 


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

23 months

Well, today my baby turns 23 months old. 
I cannot believe we are just one short month away from her turning 2.  
It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with her and awaiting her arrival. 
I cannot imagine loving her anymore than I do, but as each day passes she steals my heart more and more.
At 23 months old Landry is:
*Still wearing a 2T, but has some 3T stuff
*Wearing a size 8-9 shoe
*Starting to potty train.  She got a new potty chair for Christmas and I'm going to set it up this week and begin to just let her sit on it.  I have a feeling it won't take long.  She usually picks up on things fast.
*We are learning our manners.  I'm teaching her to say excuse me when she burps and bless you when someone sneezes.  Funny story: the other night daddy burped and she said "scuze me", so I looked at Tim and then he said "excuse me".  Then, the other day at Ikea the lady behind us in line sneezed and she said "bess you", uh so cute.  I was so proud that she had said it to a stranger. 
I just love this little girl so much. 
Preparations are under way for the 2nd Birthday party!