Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Weekend

Before I start on our weekend, I want to make sure and document my morning with Landry last Wednesday. 
I had a dinner that night so I went into work late so Landry and I went to Starbucks for breakfast and coffee.  Luckily it was pretty slow in there except for some older men who probably come every morning to read the paper and drink coffee.  We sat down in the comfy chairs, me with my skinny vanilla latte, her with her skinny vanilla milk and our muffins.  She was so cute just sitting there drinking her milk and eating her muffin.  The older men kept commenting on how cute she was and how good she was being.  Then, she heard the music that they play in there.  She started dancing, it was the cutest thing.  
Friday morning, we had to take Landry to the doctor.  She had started to get a cough again and was wheezing, so I figure we better take her in to get some more medicine.  Here we are waiting for the doctor to come in. 
They suggested we do 2 breathing treatments, and they seemed to work pretty fast.  She did such a good job and after a while wanted to hold it herself. 
Saturday, we went wedding dress shopping for this girl (Dani, not Landry!)
I still cannot believe my baby sister is getting married in 7.5 months! 
By the way, I love, love, love her dress. 
Saturday night we went to Texas Roadhouse and while we were waiting, Landry discovered that she loves peanuts!
Sunday morning, I had my sister take some Birthday pictures of Landry in her birthday pajamas. 
 I think they turned out really cute!
Then, we went to Costco.  I know, exciting right. 
Landry was loving all the samples you get!
After that, we went to lunch. 
Our favorite way to occupy Landry while we are waiting for our meal? 
This bag:
It is Dani's makeup bag and has all kinds of glosses and lipsticks in it, and Landry loves it! 
It keeps her occupied a good while!

Here we are waiting in Daddy's truck. 
She loves to pretend to drive. 
Mommy is glad we have another 14 years till this is a reality!
We came home Sunday night and played for a while before we went to bed. 
She is such a little mommy to her dolls. 
Here she is reading her night night book to her baby. 
Ugh, so cute!

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