Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Week!

Yay!  Landry's Birthday week has arrived. 
I love birthdays, and I cannot wait to celebrate our little girl this weekend. 
First though, I must document this past weekend. 
On Thursday, the girls that I work with had the opportunity to all go to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then get manicures and pedicures!  It was such a nice treat to just sit and chat with these woman for a few hours.  Then on top of that to get our nails and toes done!
Saturday night, we went to dinner with the Boozers.  We love the Boozers and have so much fun when we get together!  Now that Landry and Brady are getting bigger they are having more fun together too! 
Here is my girl ready to get her grub on with some hibachi!
Landry loves Charley!  Well, Landry loves any baby, but especially Charley!  She put her napkin in Charleys carseat and tried to hold her hand during dinner.  She sat next to her in the car on the way there and I caught her holding her hand the whole time!
Two silly kids
Hilary was putting lotion on Charley's feet and Landry just scooted her way next to them to watch and try to help
Sunday morning ready for church!
Sunday for lunch we went over to Grammy's house to celebrate Grandaddy's Birthday. 
Landry loves to help anyone and everyone open their presents whether they want the help or not!
Eating sopapilla cheesecake with Aunt Dani
Sunday night we went to Spring Creek for some yummy BBQ!
Tonight we had a first for Landry.  She ate meatloaf for the first time! 
I realized I had never cooked it since before she came along. 
Now I'll have to cook it more often because she scarfed it down!
Let the partying begin!  Countdown is T minus 4 days...


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Love, Dani said...

I love how she is holding her feet while I feed her! Can't wait for the big day! Can't believe she's going to be TWO!!!!!!!!!!!