Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Girl Bed

So let me paint a picture for you.  Imagine I'm napping yesterday afternoon.  All is normal until Tim comes in to wake me up and tell me that Landry is banging on her bedroom door to get out.  In a daze it doesn't fase me until I remember she would have to crawl out of her crib to get to that point.  I jump up and run to get the camera.  We walk in and she runs to us so excited for what she had just done.  So, what else could we do but set up her toddler bed?  I was going to wait until she turned 2, but now was obviously the time!  Before we took the bed down, we asked her to demonstrate how she got out of the bed.  I present to you the reenactment:
Sitting in her big girl bed
So, how did she do last night?  Well, the beginning was rough, she didn't quite understand the concept and cried for a bit, but then Tim and I laid her in there and talked to her and told her how big she was, and then we crept out and she slept the whole night in there!  Tim got her up this morning and she was playing in her bed. 
Here is how she was after her 4 hour nap this afternoon!  She was tired.
Also, guess what we got today?  Snow!  Landry kept running to the back door and saying "snow".  Unfortunately, it didn't stick around too long. 



The Shull Family said...

What a big girl!!! Yay Landry!

Boozer Bunch said...

Sorry we missed out on Chick fil a,looks like you had a fun day! Misd you!