Friday, October 30, 2015

Brody Boy

On August 4 I finally became Aunt Kara! Back in December when Dani called me to tell me her and Bobby were pregnant I started dreaming about this new addition. What would he look like? Would he be petite like Landry or a chubster like Hayden? All I really knew was that Dani was going to be a great mama. She loves my kids like they are hers. She always asks for pictures of them, she's always bragging on them and loving on them. I knew this would translate into her being an awesome mom. 

Her sisters in law and a few friends and I threw her baby shower in June. I loved seeing all the presents she was getting and Landry loved helping her open them. 

Then on August 4 I got the text that she was in labor. She wrote all about it on her blog, so I'll leave all the details to her. All I know is that I said lots of prayers over the next few days for our Brody boy. Landry and I went up the night he was born but he was in the NICU so Landry couldn't see him and this was the only picture I got
I wanted nothing more than to hold him and I knew Dani and Bobby wanted that more than me! 

They finally got released and that Saturday we loaded up and went to Mansfield so I could finally get my hands around him! I think Landry was dying to hold him more than I was!

A few days later the kids and I went back over there for some more cuddle time. I think Landry would of stayed all day if I let her!

Looking back at these pictures I realize just how fast newborns change! He hardly even looks like this anymore. We love our Brody and I get the privilege of keeping him two days a week until January. I have a whole post dedicated to that saved. I love him so very much!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our visit to Clyde, TX

At the end of July, my mom and I loaded up the kiddos and drove to spend a few days with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve. 

When I was 12 they moved to Clyde with their two boys. I used to get to go visit every summer for a few days. I loved going. I'm a lot like my aunt Karen and I really enjoy being with her and her boys. 

My mom didn't get to go on our annual garage sale trip this year and wanted to go see them so we thought it would be fun to go for a few days. Landry and Hayden loved it! 

We went to the children's museum in Abilene and the Abilene zoo. 

I look up to both these women in so many ways. They are great together and make me laugh like no one else can. 

We had a blast!

Next summer Landry will be old enough to go on her own like I used to and is already counting down the days!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's up Wednesday

Hi there! I'm pausing the updates on the blog to participate in the What's up Wednesday series with my girls Mix and Match Mama, The Larson Lingo and Pinterest Told Me To. 

What we're eating this week:
Monday: Chicken salad
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday 
Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs 
Thursday: copycat chick fil a nuggets and waffle fries (mmm)
Friday: in honor of Halloween being Saturday and us not being here for dinner I'm making mummy dogs!
I'm all about easy, simple dinners I know my family will eat. Ain't nobody got time to make something they'll turn their nose at :)

What I'm reminiscing about: my sweet nephew turned 12 weeks old yesterday and it has me reminiscing about the day he was born. I love this lil guy so very much and I'm privileged to get to see him twice a week!

What I'm loving: I came up with a new after workout smoothie recipe and I'm obsessed with it. I can't wait to make it every morning! 

What we've been up to: on Monday mornings after we drop Landry off at school, Hayden and I go grocery shopping. He loves to go with me. He always has a snack and his milk with him. This week he snuck in Landrys pink sunglasses he loves to wear. I sent my family this pic telling them that Elton John came grocery shopping with me!

What I'm dreading: Christmas shopping! Let me explain. Not the actual act of shopping. I love that! The "what in to world do I get this person" thought. I'm a pretty decisive gift giver and I like to get people things they really want. Luckily for me, Tim is awesome at this so he goes and pretty much decides for me what to get people. Just another reason he's the best!

What I'm working on: I am making the kids Halloween costumes this year so I'm pretty occupied with that in my spare time. Why in the world didn't I just buy the kind already made? Guess I'm a glutton for punishment! 

What I'm excited about: We scheduled our family pictures in a few weeks. I love taking these every year. This year we are also doing our whole family including my parents and Dani, Bobby and Brody!

What I'm watching: I'm obsessed with the show Fixer Upper. I saw it on Netflix a few weeks back and watched the whole first season in two days! I told Tim it makes me want to buy a fixer upper and make it all cute like she does. Knowing me, it would take two years! 

What I'm reading: I'm in a women's bible study and we are doing Priscilla Shirer's Can we Talk? series. I love it! 

What I'm listening to: when I workout I listen to three different kinds of radio stations. During weight machines its Ed Sheeren radio. I love him! During cardio its AC/DC radio and during abs its Fight Song radio. I love this song! It's a great ab workout song!

What I'm wearing: this week was all over the place with my wardrobe. I try and wear clothes I can get down on the ground and play with Hayden in, but if we have to run errands I'm not changing clothes so they have to be cute enough to go out in public in!

What I'm doing this weekend: It's Halloween weekend! Saturday afternoon we have a first birthday party for one of our favorite little girls and then after that we are headed out to trick or treat. The forecast says it's supposed to rain and I have no back up plan, but we'll make it work!  

What I'm looking forward to next month: Thanksgiving! We are coming upon my favorite time of year! I love seeing family and thanking God for all he has blessed me with. 

What else is new: I'm loving this time of year! We have a lot planned over the next few months and I can't wait to get all these holiday activities started! 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Birthday Week

On July 20 I turned 34! I love my birthday. Not for the presents or the attention but for the fact that it's right in the middle of the summer and I usually get to see all my family and friends right around it. This year I pretty much celebrated the whole week!

On the Friday before my birthday we had my family party at my in laws house. We swam, we ate crab boil (my favorite) and we opened presents. Unfortunately, I was so busy having fun I only got one picture! That's of me and my boy in our matching Chuck Taylor's. 

The Saturday before my birthday we thought it would be fun to take Landry to the new Dave and Busters that opened by our house. It ended up being a great family day!

On my actual birthday, my 4 best friends wanted to get together with all the kids and swim and have lunch. This is rare for everyone to be available at the same time so I was excited! I absolutely love these women. God knew what he was doing when he placed them in my life. Our kids are growing up together and I couldn't ask for a better set of role models in these women as moms. 

It was so hot outside so we let the kids put their swimsuits on and hop in the pool 

That night we went to one of my favorite places to eat, Posados

The day after my birthday we got to go out to McKinney and see my bestie, Shay and her kiddos. We had the best time! We rode in the golf cart to their local pool and the kids swam all day. We loved it. I love my friendship with this girl. We've grown up together. We started on drill team together in high school and have been friends ever since. 
Hayden is my little daredevil. He went up to the diving board, stood in line with the big kids and jumped right into the deep end!

She got me the prettiest Kate Spade earrings. I sent her this picture telling her I was wearing them in my new drivers license picture.  I'm sure I was the fanciest person in that DMV!

On that Thursday after my birthday, we loaded up the car with my parents and headed to San Antonio. We did a long weekend down there and had the best time! We decided to not take Hayden because we thought we were doing the water park. We ended up not, but had a blast with Landry by herself. 

My 34th birthday was great this year! I cannot wait to see what this year brings me!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Six Flags trips

Since we had season passes to Six Flags this year I wanted to make sure we went a few times over the summer. I'm not a huge fan of waiting in line in 100 degree heat so we tried to get there when it first opened then left before nap time. It worked out perfect that way. I let Landry pick five to six rides she really wanted to ride and those were the ones we would do. 

I love having one on one time with her. She tends to get pretty jealous of me being home with Hayden during the school year so I tried over the summer to take her by herself to do "big kid" activities. 

She picked a few of the "kiddie" rides this time. 

And she decided to find a few characters to take a picture with

Then, in August we decided since Hayden was free we would load him up for his first Six Flags trip! 
He loved it! We went on all the rides we thought he would like and had the best time. 

Having these season passes has served us well. We have definitely gotten our money's worth!