Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Back in June I signed the kids up for our annual swim lessons. Landry is a great swimmer so I knew she would do great. Hayden on the other hand is not a huge fan of the pool so I was a bit weary of how this was going to go. I signed us up for the mom and tot class with Hilary and Corby and Kelli and Jake. I discovered the day we got there that one of my friends from high school had also signed her and her son up. And then another girl from high school had signed her and her daughter up as well. So, it was a great class!

 The first few days went about how I thought they would. He clung to my neck and wasn't a huge fan of the pool. But on day three he really got the hang of it and loved it. I was so relieved. Between my parents and Tim's parents pools we spend pretty much the whole summer in the water so I was praying he would like it. I love the people we take these lessons from. They taught me when I was learning to swim 30 years ago! 

Landry did great as well! She learned more advanced skills this year and is such a little fish. She would spend eight hours a day in the pool if I let her. 

I'm so proud of my boy! He ended up really taking to the water and did really well for his first year. 


Mix and Match Mama said...

I miss swimming. And summer. Such cute pics!!

Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

They are too cute! Glad to see you back, I don't comment often, but have loved reading your blog!!