Friday, October 30, 2015

Brody Boy

On August 4 I finally became Aunt Kara! Back in December when Dani called me to tell me her and Bobby were pregnant I started dreaming about this new addition. What would he look like? Would he be petite like Landry or a chubster like Hayden? All I really knew was that Dani was going to be a great mama. She loves my kids like they are hers. She always asks for pictures of them, she's always bragging on them and loving on them. I knew this would translate into her being an awesome mom. 

Her sisters in law and a few friends and I threw her baby shower in June. I loved seeing all the presents she was getting and Landry loved helping her open them. 

Then on August 4 I got the text that she was in labor. She wrote all about it on her blog, so I'll leave all the details to her. All I know is that I said lots of prayers over the next few days for our Brody boy. Landry and I went up the night he was born but he was in the NICU so Landry couldn't see him and this was the only picture I got
I wanted nothing more than to hold him and I knew Dani and Bobby wanted that more than me! 

They finally got released and that Saturday we loaded up and went to Mansfield so I could finally get my hands around him! I think Landry was dying to hold him more than I was!

A few days later the kids and I went back over there for some more cuddle time. I think Landry would of stayed all day if I let her!

Looking back at these pictures I realize just how fast newborns change! He hardly even looks like this anymore. We love our Brody and I get the privilege of keeping him two days a week until January. I have a whole post dedicated to that saved. I love him so very much!


Mix and Match Mama said...

Landry holding Brody is just about the cutest thing EVER!

Dani Lewis said...

OMG I am crying here at work! He loves his aunt Kara so much. We talk about you guys all the time. I love how he has Hayden to look up too! I love you sis.