Monday, November 2, 2015

Swimming, Park Dates and other various activities

This summer was awesome! It was my first summer to not work and we made the most of it! I tried to pick one fun activity per week that way on the boring days we had something to look forward to. So, here are the pictures that didn't fit into their own post. 

Swimming- we spent a lot of time swimming this summer. Both my kids loved the water and it was an easy way to occupy them

Park dates- we have a great park really close to us that both my kids love. It has a big kid section and a little kid section and benches under trees for mama to sit and watch!

Wizard of oz exhibit- Grapevine had this really cool indoor exhibit this year featuring the wizard of oz. Neither one of my kids know what that is but it was free and indoors. And in August that's good enough for me!

We had such a fun summer that I hated to see it end. But after summer comes my most favorite time of the year so I wasn't too disappointed when we saw summer come to a close. 

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Mix and Match Mama said...

This post has me wishing for summer!!!