Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ranger game date

Tim and I are big believers that we need one on one time with our kiddos. He's really good about taking Landry with him to run errands or keeping Hayden while Landry and I go do something. 

Landry loves going to Ranger games. She really loves the food and fireworks. Tim thought it would be fun to take her by herself to a Friday night game. She loved it. She craves that time with Tim and I by herself so we try to do it often. 

They have a sign outside the stadium where you can stand in the middle and make the X in Texas with your body

Waiting on our car from the valet with her daddy

The next morning we took her to breakfast. One of my childhood memories with my Maw Maw was eating at Waffle House. Landry has been begging to go so we took her. We sat at the counter and she had pancakes and was in heaven. 

I love this girl of mine. I dread the day she doesn't want to do these kind of things with us, so I'm relishing in it while I can! 

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