Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Being grateful. 
What does it mean? 
That's a huge lesson I've learned this year. I have really felt grateful lately. I have felt good. I know my life isn't perfect but God is good. So here are just a few things I am grateful for. 

Grateful for my husband. He works really hard to provide for our family. He fully supports me staying home with our kids. He never questions the decisions I make. He's always willing to give the kids a bath or take them out on a Saturday to run errands when I'm ready to pull my hair out. He loves me for me and he is still adorable to me. 

I'm grateful for my babies. They love me unconditionally. They follow me everywhere I go. They smile at me and make me feel important. Landry always tells me she wants to be just like me. Hayden says mommy at least 50 times a day. They make me feel like I can be and do anything. 

I'm grateful for my family. My parents who have an awesome marriage and have never made me feel like I was less. They have always supported me and guided me.  They always want to be with my kids.  My sister who tells me like it is. She's my best friend. She supports me.  She loves my babies like they're her own. My brother in law who's my buddy. Who always has a hug for me and is always willing to help me and laughs at the same things I think are funny. My new nephew who I'm in love with. Who smiles at me. Who is an answered prayer to our family. My in laws who love me like a daughter. Who are always willing to let us eat dinner with them when I have nothing to cook. My sister in law who loves me like a sister. Who loves my babies. Who is always willing to help me with the kids. 

My friends. All of them. Who show me what it's like to be a mama. Who let me text them and ask them random questions. Who are guiding me in my faith. Who show me what it's like to live out your faith fully. Who know me for who I am (and love me anyway). Who I'm lucky enough to do life with and raise our kids together with. Who's husbands guide mine and show him how to be a man of faith. 

My faith. I'm not sure why I have felt so grateful lately. It could be because I feel so content in my life. I have really felt like God has taken care of me lately. I have some pretty big prayers going up right now and I think sometimes I feel like they are bouncing off the sky. Like God isn't listening. But he is. He is all these things to me that I am grateful for. My caretaker, my cheerleader, my parent, my supporter, my buddy, my friend. 

So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for a lot. I have so much to be thankful and grateful for.  We are healthy. We have all we need. I hope when I look back on this time in my life I look back with a smile. I'm a pretty lucky girl. 

Happy Thanksgiving!