Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Turkey Day Festivities

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was such a good one! We have three Thanksgivings between our two families. Luckily not all on the same day! 

Thursday morning we all got up and had breakfast and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I have watched this every year that I can remember. Landry and Hayden loved it. We had to leave before Santa made his appearance and Landry was upset so I recorded it for her to watch over and over!

Thursday for lunch we went to my great aunts house with my dad's family. The only picture I got is of my adorable nephew in Hayden's old turkey onesie! 

Then we loaded up in the car and headed to Tim's aunts house. Some of us napped the whole way there!

Landry was so excited because Tim's cousin and his wife and son came this year. We only usually see them at Christmas so my kids loved having another kiddo there to play with!

Tim's sister loves playing with all these kids!

This would be my kids the whole way to my parents house!  They were exhausted!

Friday was a day with no plans. Tim and I had promised Landry we would take her to see The Good Dinosaur so my mom tagged along and we ate lunch and watched the movie

Saturday mom and I got up early and started making our food for that night. We started a long time ago doing my moms family's thanksgiving on the Saturday after. It works out great and gives us a break in between all the other festivities. The only pic I got was my sweet cousin Chase coloring with Landry. Landry loves the big boy cousins just as much as the little cousins!

Such a fun long weekend with my favorite people! 

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Such a fun time with your sweet family! And listen...Tim Smith is looking GOOD! Love you guys!