Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks

Go Rangers! They lost, but we still had a great time. We 3 Smiths went to the game with our youth group. We have such a good time with these kids. Tim and I have had such a blast working with this group and we cherish all the memories we are making. These kids absolutely adore Landry and the girls fight over who gets to hold her or Austin every time we see them. Love it! Here are some pictures we got. I didn't get as many as I wanted, but it was like 100 degrees and I had a 5 month old sticking to me, so bear with me!

My family

Melissa and I and the kiddos

Some of our girls, Kyndall, April and Haley

My girl almost sacked out (she did eventually fall asleep)

I love this child, she is my heart

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday

I have decided that every Tuesday I am going to shamelessly post cute pictures of my girl. So, here is the first official Too cute Tuesday picture...

This picture just makes me laugh. I love her eyes. If you know Landry, you know that she talks with her eyes. It's so funny!

Hope you have a great Tuesday.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday with the In-Laws

My Birthday celebration with Tim's parents was yesterday. We had such a good time! I have known Tim since I was 17 (well, actually I knew him before then, but that's not the point) so his family is like my own family. We have the best time when we are together. Tim's Aunt Diane was in town again, so she got to come celebrate too! They made me one of my favorite meals, fajitas. Thank you Smith's for my dinner and gifts. We missed you Steph!

Here are Tim's Aunt, his mom, and me

My yummy Strawberry Shortcake

Here is the new way Landry has been sleeping. She puts her butt up in the air! So cute!

Friday, July 24, 2009

3rd Times A Charm

As you know, us Clemens girls love our American Idol. Remember this post? We went again this year. We took Dani's friends Amy and Allison this year. My favorite thing was the group doing "Don't Stop Believin'". They did such a good job. Here are some pictures I got.

Landry and I before we left



Adam and Allison


The group

Here we are before we left

The Clemens Girls

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dancin Girl and Blowin Raspberries

Here are two cute videos of Landry doing her two favorite things.

About a month ago we put her in her Johnnie Jump Up, and it is now her favorite toy. When we clean, we like to put her in it and turn on music. This is what she does as soon as the music turns on.

I told you about her new habit of blowing raspberries. Here is an example of that. The funniest time she decides to do this is when I am feeding her and peas go all over her face and mine!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Dinner with the Hubby

Last night Tim took me to one of our favorite places, JR's. It is a steakhouse in Colleyville. We love it. They have one of the best steaks I have ever eaten, and that is saying a lot, cause this Texas girl eats a lot of red meat! Thank you to my wonderful husband for treating me to such a great Birthday dinner, love you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend of Birthday Celebrating

This weekend was so busy, I need a nap!

Saturday: Saturday morning, Landry and I made a trip to Target. Landry got to sit in the front for the first time. My girl is getting so big!

Saturday afternoon, Tim played golf while Landry and I went to Debbie's to see Aunt Diane. She hasn't seen Landry since Easter, so she needed some cuddle time! Here are some pictures of my girl out by the pool.

She loves to be outside, and she really loves to watch people, so this is her favorite thing to do.

Then, Clare and Jamie came over to see Landry. Clare is very special to me. I have talked about her before. She was the flower girl in mine and Tim's wedding, and she means a lot to us.

She is almost 8 now! I cannot believe it.

Sunday: We went to dinner with my parents, grandparents and Dani and Bobby for my birthday. We went to one of my favorites, Luna De Noche in the North Park Mall. If you have never been there before, you must go pronto, and order the table side guacamole.

I am definitely not done celebrating, though. I've still got Tim's family and the Shull's. Tonight my hubby is taking me to my favorite steak place, more on that later.

Family Pictures

For my parents 30th Anniversary, Dani, Bobby, Tim, Landry and I had pictures taken. Hilary did a great job! Here are some of our favorites.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Spy

I Spy something
*Makes my 5 month old cry at the drop of a hat
*Hurts an unsuspecting finger when it goes near it

What is it?

My baby's first 2 teeth!

Landry started teething a few months ago, and the first one popped through a few weeks ago, shortly followed by the second one! She is getting so big.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Dinner with the Boozers

On Wednesday night, I got to start the celebration of my 28th Birthday. We went to Saltgrass with the Boozers.
Hilary got me this:

I am so excited! Her show is one of my favorites to watch. I can't wait to read this on vacation. Thanks Hil! We had such a good time. My how the times have changed from the 4 of us eating a leisurely dinner to the 6 of us trying to appease Landry and Brady. We wouldn't have it any other way though. Here are some pictures we took of our fun evening.

Landry and I

Hil and Brady

This is Landry giving Brady a kiss

This is Brady wiping that kiss off his face. Someday Brady you will want Landry to be kissing you!!!

Here is one of Hil and I and our kids.

We had a great time with you guys. Thanks for my gift!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please Pray

Fellow Bloggers- I would like to ask for you guys to be praying for our Mission trip that our youth are about to leave for. We have 17 leaving for Costa Rica for 9 days. Please just pray that they will be able to touch the lives of those that may not know God.

Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend of Fun

This weekend was another busy one. For some reason in the summer Tim and I go non-stop. Poor Landry, by Sunday night, she is worn out! This weekend was no different.

Friday we went to Robbie and Melissa's house to eat some yummy chicken legs and to play spades. Here is Austin in his high chair! He tried food for the first time this week, and loves it as much as Landry does! Landry was so tired she fell asleep in Austin's pack n play.

Saturday, we had a wedding. We had a blast! This was Landry's first time to go to a wedding, and I was a little nervous, but she did good. That is until she got hungry! Luckily, I could take her out and still see the whole wedding. My whole family went, and we had a good time.

Here is my cute family of 3

My cute sister and Bobby

My grandparents

My handsome parents

Here is one of our whole family

One of the happy couple

This is us trying to entertain my 5 month old! She is doing this new thing of blowing raspberries. So cute!

On Sunday, we went to Aunt Diane and Uncle Donny's house for some swimming and hamburgers. Such fun.

My child could sleep anywhere!