Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend of Birthday Celebrating

This weekend was so busy, I need a nap!

Saturday: Saturday morning, Landry and I made a trip to Target. Landry got to sit in the front for the first time. My girl is getting so big!

Saturday afternoon, Tim played golf while Landry and I went to Debbie's to see Aunt Diane. She hasn't seen Landry since Easter, so she needed some cuddle time! Here are some pictures of my girl out by the pool.

She loves to be outside, and she really loves to watch people, so this is her favorite thing to do.

Then, Clare and Jamie came over to see Landry. Clare is very special to me. I have talked about her before. She was the flower girl in mine and Tim's wedding, and she means a lot to us.

She is almost 8 now! I cannot believe it.

Sunday: We went to dinner with my parents, grandparents and Dani and Bobby for my birthday. We went to one of my favorites, Luna De Noche in the North Park Mall. If you have never been there before, you must go pronto, and order the table side guacamole.

I am definitely not done celebrating, though. I've still got Tim's family and the Shull's. Tonight my hubby is taking me to my favorite steak place, more on that later.

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katy said...

Happy Birthday, Kara!! Thanks for your birthday wishes, by the way. It's always great to hear from you. Have fun with the rest of your celebrating!!