Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend of Fun

This weekend was another busy one. For some reason in the summer Tim and I go non-stop. Poor Landry, by Sunday night, she is worn out! This weekend was no different.

Friday we went to Robbie and Melissa's house to eat some yummy chicken legs and to play spades. Here is Austin in his high chair! He tried food for the first time this week, and loves it as much as Landry does! Landry was so tired she fell asleep in Austin's pack n play.

Saturday, we had a wedding. We had a blast! This was Landry's first time to go to a wedding, and I was a little nervous, but she did good. That is until she got hungry! Luckily, I could take her out and still see the whole wedding. My whole family went, and we had a good time.

Here is my cute family of 3

My cute sister and Bobby

My grandparents

My handsome parents

Here is one of our whole family

One of the happy couple

This is us trying to entertain my 5 month old! She is doing this new thing of blowing raspberries. So cute!

On Sunday, we went to Aunt Diane and Uncle Donny's house for some swimming and hamburgers. Such fun.

My child could sleep anywhere!

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