Monday, November 11, 2013

Hayden is 1 Month Old!

Today our little man turns one month old. I can't believe he has been in our lives for one whole month already. Time really does fly. Here are just a few things he has done in his first month of life. 
He was loved on a lot by his big sister
He came home from the hospital and met Angel
He went to his first restaurant at just a week old
He went to the State Fair of Texas
He went to the mall shopping
He had his first bath (which he hated at first, but loves now!)
He went to the library and slept through the whole thing!
He celebrated his first Halloween
Our lil pumpkin
Eats: Hayden is eating 4 ounces about every 3-4 hours.  From day 1, Hayden has been a good eater.  He is usually telling me when it's time to eat!  When he was born, he was eating about 2 ounces every three hours, then at about 2 weeks we went to three ounces, and then at three weeks he graduated up to four ounces.  I can tell we are about to move up again. 
Sleeps: He is sleeping very good!  At night, he will go about 5 hours, eat then sleep another 4 hours.  Not bad.  His big sister was just as good a sleeper, and still is!  During the day is another story!  He takes a really good morning nap, but in the afternoon, he does not want to be in his crib.  He just wants to be held.  Right now, I'm loving it.  It has been great for me because Landry is resting so it's been really good one on one bonding time with Hayden. 
Play: For now, he doesn't really play much.  We inherited a Mamaroo, which has been our saving grace.  He loves it.  He will sit in there really good and just take in his surroundings.  It's the perfect machine also when we are eating dinner and need him to go somewhere.  We started tummy time today, and surprisingly, he liked it.  But it helps when you have a four year old sister entertaining you and dancing around you to watch! 
We love you little man!