Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A day in the life of

I've seen a lot of blogs lately that give you a peek inside one if their days. I thought that would be a fun idea. We just go through our days and I never stopped to see what our life is like right now. So, last Wednesday I documented our day in pictures. Here's what a typical day looks like for the Smith family. 


5:30- alarm goes off; roll out of bed

I have always been a morning person, but after I had kids this totally went away.  So, when my alarm goes off, I usually lay there for a few minutes and then once my feet hit the ground, I don’t stop!

5:35- shower

I am a morning showerer.  I have never gotten into the habit of showering at night.  

5:45- make coffee, unload dishwasher, and take angel potty

This is the time in my morning I look forward to!  I love my morning cup of coffee.  

5:50- put make-up on

I’m usually listening to my worship music during this time.  

6:00- blow-dry hair and fix hair

This is also the time Tim is waking up and stumbling into the bathroom

6:15- get dressed and head downstairs, 

I’m ready for the day!

6:20- make Landry’s lunch and my lunch; kiss Tim goodbye

6:30- wake Landry up

6:32- continue to wake Landry up. 

On this particular morning, Landry had already woken herself up and was watching tv, so I didn’t have to wake her up.

6:35- put Landry in shower and bathe her

We started giving Landry showers in the mornings before school and it has made my life so much simpler!  She gets in there and pretty much is self sufficient while I run around and get her clothes and outfit ready for the day.  

6:45- head downstairs and fix Landry’s breakfast, feed angel, make Hayden’s bottle

Landry is lovjng these mini pancakes Tim and I found and eats them while I make Hayden’s morning bottle and feed Angel.

6:55- brush teeth and fix Landry’s hair

This is the part of my morning I dread.  Landry hates having her hair blow dried for some odd reason so on a morning basis I have to listen to her whine while I blow dry her hair.

7:00- wake Hayden up

This is my happy morning baby!  99% of the time he wakes up just like this.  Makes it so easy.

7:10- head out the door and drive to Hayden’s school

Here we are ready to take on this Wednesday!

7:15- drop Hayden off at daycare

Hayden has learned to hold his bottle, so he eats it on the way to school

7:20- head to Landry’s school

7:25- drop Landry off at school

My girl is loving school and we will pull into the school where we drop her off and she is already unbuckling her seatbelt putting her backpack on and just waiting for me to stop to let her out.  


7:30-8:00- drive to work

I make a green smoothie for breakfast and drink it on my morning commute.  I love this time in the car.  I know that probably sounds crazy, but I listen to music, drink my smoothie and usually do some talking to God about my day.  It’s a great time for just me.  

8:00- get to work; check emails, set up daily tasks

I started a new job a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it!  Southwest Airlines is hands down one of the best places to work and I moved to a new department and I love it!  

8:30-10:00- work

I sometimes have morning meetings during this time

10:00- eat snack (apple and peanut butter)

10:15-12:00- work some more

12:00- eat lunch at desk (it’s leftovers for today!)

12:15-3:00- work some more. On this particular day my co worker and I had to make a soda run for the office. 

3:00- eat afternoon snack (Greek yogurt)

3:15-4:00- work and finish up daily tasks and send any last minute emails

4:00 -head home.  

If I work thru lunch I leave at 4, if I take a lunch, I leave at 5, my call.  Today I worked thru lunch because I had an errand to run.

4:30- Run to Hobby Lobby for fabric and numbers for Hayden’s 11 month post

5:00- Pick my sweet boy up and head home. We play a for a little bit until daddy and Landry get home. 

5:30- Tim gets home with Landry

I love seeing these two walk through my door.  Landry comes barreling in telling me all about her day.  

5:45- finish getting dinner ready and let Hayden eat his bottle

6:00- sit down and eat dinner

On this particular night we had turkey spaghetti and meatballs, a Smith family favorite.  Even Hayden loves it!

6:30- put dishes in the dishwasher and prep any food for tomorrow. 

Hayden got so messy from the spaghetti that we gave him a sink bath! I'm so glad he still fits in there but I have a feeling it won't be for much longer!

6:40- put Hayden to bed

I recorded The Princess and the Frog for Landry last week and we have been watching about 30 minutes of it a night.  We love it!

7:00- put Landry to bed with TV

7:15- take a bath and decompress

This is the time in my day I love!  I do my quiet time, take a bath and either slip into bed with my shows and unwind or on Big Brother nights, Tim and I sit downstairs and watch that and I love these nights too.  

8:00- on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to ZumbaI love Zumba!  I look forward to these nights every week.  On the nights I don’t go to Zumba, this is the time I usually get into bed. 

10:00- Get home, check on my babies one last time

And then crash into bed myself!!!

 Wow!  I just thought I was busy.  Documenting this day and putting it down on paper opened my eyes to just how busy I really am!  I love my life though.  I love being a mom and a wife and I love my job.  Some days are easier and some are even busier believe it or not!  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know this is just a phase and I’ll look back on this time in my life and wish I had this time back, so for now I’ll enjoy it!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hayden is 11 months old!

11 Months old!  

This year has just flown by.  Hayden is doing a lot of new things. 


For starters, we have introduced so many new foods, and he is really good about trying them, but if he doesn’t like it, then you definitely know it!  Some new things we introduced this month are, ravioli (loves), Chick fil a nuggets (loves), baked potato (loves), peas (hates), vegetable soup (hates), and a hamburger patty (loves).  


He is now officially standing.  He crawls all over the house and then pulls up and will just stand.  We’ve tried moving from one piece of furniture to the next standing up, but he hasn’t quite gotten the grasp of it yet.  He loves to stand at the top of the stairs at the gate and look down, he loves coming in the kitchen with me and standing at the counters and his favorite is whenI’m loading/unloading the dishwasher and he can stand there.  


He is all over the place!  I can put him down on the floor and in a matter of seconds he is in another part of the house completely.  We are in the market for a gate at the bottom of the stairs as well, because as you can see, he has mastered getting to the second stair!  Give this mama a heart attack, why don’t you?


One other thing we have officially mastered is holding our own bottle.  This seems so simple, but it makes my life so much easier.  I can give him a bottle in the car, or even in his high chair and it saves me a good 10 minutes.  10 minutes in mommy world is like gold!  


He is still sleeping really well for us.  He goes down at 6:30 during the week and wakes up at 7:00 AM, and then on the weekends he goes down around 7:30 and will sleep till around 8:30.  He still takes two naps a day at home, but in his class at school, they just give him one.  When he takes two, the morning one is about 2 hours long and the afternoon one is about 2 hours as well.  At school, he is sleeping about 3 hours a day.  I love my sleeping baby!  I’m dreading the day he drops that morning nap, but for now I’ll cherish them!  I went upstairs tonight to grab him to come downstairs and this is what I found:

I'm telling you, he can sleep anywhere!

 He has really gotten into playing with Landry and her toys.  Her toys are way more fun than his are!  He immediately goes into her room and heads for her baskets with all her assorted toys in them.  Then, he proceeds to dump them out!  He also loves her Doc doll house.  He mainly likes to just bang his car on the top of the house, but it’s so cute seeing them play together.  


Oh I love my little man!  He is so fun and is still such a happy baby for the most part.  I will say, I think we are having some teething issues though.  This last month he can go from being so happy and smiley to just downright rotten.  He gets so fussy and winey and I’m hoping it’s just his back teeth popping through.  I wish they would just go ahead and come in, because I’m ready for my happy baby to come back!  


Hayden, we love you so much!  I cannot believe that in just a short month you will be turning a year old.  You make this mama so happy, and I can’t wait to celebrate you and all you mean to us!