Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Review

Well, another year has come and gone.  I cannot believe we are headed into 2011 already.  This year has been such a good year for the Smith's.  Here is just a glimpse into the things we have done in 2010. 

January- Landry learned to walk! 
February- Landry turned 1
and Landry experienced her first snow
March- Landry had her first visit to the ER (and hopefully her last visit for a while!)
April- Tim had his knee surgery and Landry and I did our best to nurse him back to health
May- I had another great Mother's day spent with my favorite girl in the world
June- Landry went to her first swim lessons in Mommy and Me Classes
July- I turned one year closer to the big 3-0
August- We spent a week at the beach on our Griswold Clemens family vacation
September- We said goodbye to some really great friends
and celebrated Mom's 50th Birthday!
October- Landry dressed up as Tinkerbell for Halloween
and Tim and I celebrated 10 years out of High School
November- We celebrated how thankful we are for all our blessings
December- We had a very Merry Christmas
2011 is gearing up to be a very good year. 
So, what wll this next year bring for us? 
Who knows, but I do know we will be having a lot of fun!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Post

Otherwise known as the longest post ever!
Well, Christmas has come and gone another year.  We had such a busy, fullfilling, fun time.  We are Christmas out, if that is even possible.  Starting Thursday, we went over to my Grammy and Grandaddy's house to start celebrating. 
Look at all those presents under the tree!
Landry playing in the trash box
We got Grandaddy a Tom Landry poster and had it framed. 
He loves Tom Landry. 
He even calls Landry, Tom!
Someone got herself a Cinderella doll. 
The same Cinderella doll Kensington Shull got!
But, the gift we have been waiting for since Halloween was this:
She loves it!

Christmas Eve was spent at Tim's Aunt and Uncles house. 
Landry got to spend some time with Clare.  I know I have mentioned this before on the blog, but Clare holds a special place in mine and Tim's life.  She was the flower girl in our wedding and the first child we ever took care of on our own before Landry came along.  I love this girl.  I cannot believe she is 9!
Tim's cousin got her this puppy.

She has slept with it every night since.
Playing with Grandpa or "Bumpa" as we have started calling him. 
The Smith Family of 6
After we got home, we changed into our pajamas, said our prayers and got ready for bed. 
I love Landry's Christmas pajamas this year.
Cookies for Santa.

So, Tim and I decided since we had such a busy morning the next day that we would go ahead and open our presents to each other.  I am so glad we did.  It helped to just be able to play with Landry Christmas morning.  Here I am with all my stocking goodies including a massage! 
Tim with his new golf shirt
Look what Santa brought Landry!
She loved her new Cabbage Patch doll and stroller

After we played for a little while we were off to Mee Maw and Grandpa's house. 
She got this cute vacuum.  Here's the funny thing, she runs whenever Tim gets the big vacuum out, she hates it and is scared to death of it. 
This one? 
Not so much. 
She loves it!
Christmas afternoon we headed over to Tim's cousins house. Their boys had gotten this ride on motorcycle that morning from Santa and my little Harley girl just hopped on and rode all over the house on it.
Tim's Grandma always gets her a purse and she got her this cute doggy purse

On to the next house!  Our poor girl was so exhausted.  She slept the whole way to my parents house. 
My dad got her a picnic table this year for her gift from him. 
Here we are opening all our gifts from Mimi, Pop, Aunt Dani and Uncle Bobby. 
My sister got me a really sweet gift this year.  She got me a big sister, little sister book.  It made me tear up reading it.  It describes Dani and I perfectly. 
Landry was so tired so after she opened her gifts she went to bed.  Poor thing didn't even get to play with her biggest gift. 
The next morning though, we had it waiting on her. 
She rode all over my parents house. 
(Please excuse the bed head)
Onto the next house!  We drove out to Abilene to see my Aunt and her family. 
Please take note of Landry on Uncle Bobby.  She loves him!  She wouldn't leave his side all day.
My cousin Brett got this new game for the X Box and Tim and Bobby got in on the action.  Here they are boxing each other.  I have to give it up to my husband, he knocked Bobby out!
See what I mean? 
She loved helping others open their gifts
My sweet Paw Paw
Here she is the whole way home!
Well, it was another successful Christmas.  We were so blessed to spend time with all our family and they were so generous to Landry and us this year. 
On to the New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday in the Park

On Wednesday, we decided to go out to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags.  My cousins Chase, Brett, Jacob and Stephanie came too along with my mom, Aunt Karen and Tim.  We had such a good time, but it was really cold!  I had to bundle her up really good. 
The only thing she got to ride was the kids train.  She loved it! 
Stephanie and I got to ride too!
The Smith family had such a good time!