Monday, December 13, 2010

The Last 2 Weeks

Well, we are well on our way into December.  The last 2 weeks have been busy and spent with family and friends.  Last Sunday, we celebrated my Grammy's Birthday.  My family is always coming up with fun new things to do, and Bobby and Uncle Donny take all the credit for this one.  We had a taco cook off!  Uncle Donny and Bobby both cooked 2 different kinds of tacos and then we sampled all 4 and judged on whos was the best.  Uncle Donny won, but Bobby was not far behind!  Since I love helping in the kitchen, Bobby let me be his souschef.  Can you imagine the fun we were having cooking together?  Love him!
While I was busy helping cook, Landry was being occupied by the Birthday girl.  She took every pool ball out and then put them all back in the pockets, it kept her occupied for a good 30 minutes! 
Here is Bobby and Dani's dog, Bullett.  He was trying Landry's shoes on!

This past weekend we did our Christmas celebrating with our friends.  Friday night, we went over to the Boozers house and ate yummy steak that the boys cooked and then let the kids open their presents.  Brady and Charley got Landry a Cook and Play Potsy, and she loves it.  She also loves her some Charley Boozer right now.  She couldn't get enough kisses from her.  Poor Charley.

Saturday morning, we took Landry to the mall to drop off her letter to Santa
Then we went to see him.  I had prepped her, we talked about him the whole way there and made a big deal out of him.  Here we are waiting in line.  Do you see the look on her face?  She can see him now, and has started to wonder what we are about to do...
This is the end result...
Oh well, we tried and we have a funny picture to laugh at!

Saturday night, we went out to dinner with the Shull's.  Kensington and Smith got Landry a tea set from Beauty and the Beast.  My girl Shay knows just what Landry likes.  We played all day Sunday with this tea set, we even had daddy drinking tea with us!  After dinner with the Shulls, we wanted to go look at lights, so daddy drove us around Highland Park and we saw some pretty lights.  Landry loved looking at them, and would point and say "pretty". 

Sunday, we went over to Tim's parents house for dinner and more looking at lights!  Debbie couldn't wait to give Landry one of her gifts and it was such a good idea!  Landry rode this thing all night.  She loved it.  Thanks Mee-Maw and Grandpa!
Have a great week!

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The Shull Family said...

That Santa picture cracks me up!!! We always love spending time with the Smith family!