Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December Baby!

Woo Hoo!  My favorite month of the year is here!  This year was a little different for Tim and I.  We usually decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Since Dani is getting married in September (yay!), and this is her last Christmas spent at home, I asked Sunday if I could help her and my parents decorate their house.  We have a tradition in the Clemens house, we order pizza, listen to Christmas music and decorate.  I have carried this tradition on to my house.  We had such a good time going through all our ornaments and Christmas stuff we have collected over the years.  Poor Tim, he doesn't get half our jokes or the stuff we are talking about, but he helped us anyways. 
Please excuse the bed head, we had just woken up from our nap
 Here is my table this year
 Here is our mantle
 I love our tree this year.  I did have to put my sentimental ornaments up past little hands though.  She has found one that she likes and plays with it every time she is by the tree. 
Look who wrote their letter to Santa!

With a little help from her momma of course! 
We are taking it to Macy's this weekend to send it off to Santa and they will donate a dollar to the Make A Wish Foundation.  I love doing things like this and showing Landry that Christmas is a time for giving. 
Happy December 1!

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Ashley said...

I love family Christmas traditions!