Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Last Few Weekends

These last few weekends have been so busy
but so beautiful outside, that we have taken
advantage of this unusual January weather.

Landry started gymnastics last week.
She loves it!
Every Saturday morning she wakes up so excited to go.
She is doing pretty well too.
Makes this momma proud, as I took
gymnastics for 10 years growing up.

Saturdays have become momma and Landry day.
Tim has been a referee at church on Saturday mornings
so we go to gymnastics then lunch.
I have loved having this time with just her and I.

Sometimes though, you just need a date night.
We got one last weekend and I loved it.

Last Sunday, it was so beautiful outside.
We took advantage of the nice weather and her new bike!
Getting some assistance from daddy
She did really good

This past weekend we celebrated 2 of my favorite men.
My father in laws birthday was this week so we took him,
my mother in law, and my parents to Austin for the night
to eat at one of our favorite BBQ joints.
Please ignore the awful face my daughter is making.
Why must she do this when I need a nice picture?
The other birthday we celebrated was my Grandaddy's.
I love him so much.
He has been such a great man and role model to me.
I'm blessed to have him in my life.
These past two weekends have made me wish Spring was closer!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Catch Up

I have been so behind on blogging!
I know Christmas was 3 weeks ago, but this
is my little diary, so I don't want to forget.
Christmas with the Clowers
Our first Christmas was spent with my moms side of the family.
We went to Dani and Bobby's house.
My girl was spoiled this year!
My sweet Paw-Paw
We love Hannah, Chase's girlfriend!
Me and my love
Christmas with the Smiths
The Saturday before Christmas we celebrated with Tim's family
They got Landry this new baby who she named
Ally, and Ally has not left Landry's side since!
My new purse!
Our new tradition with them is to go look
at Christmas lights after we open gifts.
The girls got the back seat
Christmas with the Clemens
On Sunday, we went over to my Grammy's house
to celebrate with them.
Somehow, I did not get very many good pictures from here.
Landry loves my cousin Steph
Christmas with the Laferney's
On Christmas Eve we celebrated with Tim's moms
This is Clare. 
She was Landry's age when she was our
flower girl in our wedding!
That is crazy to me how big she is now.
This is her brother Chase.
Landry loved Chase
Christmas Morning
On Christmas morning we woke up to see what Santa
brought Landry.
We put out cupcakes and milk for Santa and carrots
for the reindeer
She got a new robe
Christmas Day and Night
For lunch we had my parents, Tim's family and our grandparents
come to our house.  That way, they could see all that
Landry got from Santa.
I told Landry she was one lucky little girl because she got to spend
time with 3 of her great grandparents that day!
Then, it started to snow!
We were so excited that we had to go outside
and play in it.
That evening we went to Dani and Bobby's house
to do Christmas with them.
This helmet will make more sense
when you see what my dad got her!
Poor girl was so confused why she got a helmet.
Since it snowed, Dani and Bobby didn't want to drive to
Flower Mound, so we went to them.
I was sad thinking I wouldn't be able to see Dani on Christmas,
but my hubby came through and took us there and we surprised her
by showing up on her doorstep.
Then when we got back to my parents house
we did our Christmas with them.
My parents took us to DisneyWorld this year, so that
was the majority of our gift, but my dad gets us girls a gift just
from him every year, and this year Landry got a bike!
Unfortunately, it has been too cold to actually go out and ride it,
but you better believe the first day it reaches 60 degrees,
we will be going up and down our street!
Merry Christmas from the Smith Family!