Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Happy Birthday to my sweet little sister!
Today, Dani turns 26.
Goodness, my little girl is getting old, which means I'm getting old!
Here we are the day we brought her home from the hospital!
This past weekend, I surprised Dani with a little mini trip to Phoenix.
I was going for work anyways, so I let her tag along with me.
I had forgotten how much fun we have together.
In just 2 short months, this girl will be a married woman
and she will have a wonderful husband to go along with it,
so I knew I only had a short time to get her away.
I took her to a nice dinner Sunday night and we had the best view from our table.
We both have a love for Phoenix, even though the high there was 111! 
Saturday night, Tim and I went out to celebrate her birthday as well.
We met up with a lot of her friends and Bobby's family and had such a great time.
Such a cute couple!
I love Bobby's sister and sister in law as if they were my own!
Love you girl!
Thanks for letting me get some good sister time this weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dad's Day Weekend

Hi, my name is Kara and I'm a procrastinator!

We had such a wonderful weekend!
I am so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful fathers.
Saturday, we spent the day at Tim's parents house swimming a grilling out.
Tim's grandma was there and she bought Landry some of the cutest toys
Landry loves sitting on Bumpa's lap and having a snack
She got to swim with Daddy
Debbie bought her this new toy for the pool and she loved it,
although she had a hard time staying on it!
Sunday morning, we woke up and gave Daddy his cards
Sunday we spent the day loving on my dad and Tim.

So, what did my dad and Tim do for father's day you ask?
They started putting together a little project for Landry at my parents house.

I'll wait and show the final product once it's done.

Landry giving her daddy some sweet kisses
Landry with her Pop
My dad and his 2 girls!
I just had to post this because it was too funny!
As we were standing around taking pictures,
Dani and I stood by dad and I guess Landry thought
she was a daughter too, because she just walked over
and stood as close to me as she could!
Sweet girl!
Goodness, I love this girl
And this girl in our matching stripes!
Happy Belated Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Before I forget, I wanted to post about what's been going on in the Smith House!
We have had such a fun week.
Here is just a glimpse into what we have been doing

Jacob Graduates
My cousin Jacob graduated from high school last weekend.  It is so hard for me to believe he is grown up and off to Texas Tech next year!  We are so proud of him and can't wait to visit him in Lubbock!  After his graduation we all went back to his house and had a family party.
The Graduate
 Jacob and his sister and parents
With Grammy and Grandaddy
With my parents
With the Smith Family
 Our whole family minus Bobby and Dani who were lounging on a boat!
After the party, Landry and Stephanie went outside to swim.  Landry showed off some of her new skills she learned in swim lessons!
 Stephanie and Landry are about the same age apart as Stephanie and I are.  I played with her when she was little just like she does with Landry.  It's fun to see the progression of this family.  I love this girl!
After swimming we all went inside where it was boys vs. girls in pool.  I have no clue how to play, so while they did this
Landry and I watched
and perfected her forward roll

Family Time
Last Friday night we met my parents and Dani and Bobby out at Rockfish by their house.  We love this restaurant and eat there a lot!  After dinner, Dani went next door and got her and Landry some ice cream. 
 Love my 2 girls!
After dinner we went back to my parents house and Landry played with Bobby's 2 dogs, Bullet and Izzy.  My girl fell in love!  She loves dogs anyways, but these two are smaller and she was able to chase and play with them all weekend.
Somebody else fell in love while we were there too!
Look at her paw on Izzy, so sweet!

Brady Boozer
As I stated in an earlier post, my girl loves Brady!
Hilary dropped him off Thursday night so she could go to a shower and he and Landry played and ran around for 2 hours!  They had such fun together.  Brady is so good with her.
Here they are watching Tim mow
My girl is not afraid to play with super heroes!
On their first pretend date!
So cute!
Although, I just noticed that Landry only has on a diaper.  There is a good reason for this!  We ate spaghetti for dinner and she is messy so I took off her clothes to eat and she just stayed that way!  I promise she does normally have clothes on when friends come over!
 They played really well together

Swim Class Show-Off
Friday was the last day of swim lessons and you can have people come watch you and your child show what you've learned.  Tim, his mom, his grandma and my mom all came to watch us. 
Hilary and I have had so much fun with our girls in this class.  It has been nice having someone to play with the last two weeks.  We also met some really nice people through this class!  I have loved it.
 Hilary and I discovered that the girls had the same swimsuit so we had them wear them on this day!
They were too cute together!
Getting ready to go under water
 Pulling her around so she can kick, kick, kick!
Jumping in the water and swimming with me
 Swimming on her own to the step
 Getting our prize at the end of class
 I have loved getting to spend so much time with Landry and
doing these swim lessons has taught us both a lot!