Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bachelorette Party!

This past weekend we had Dani's Bachelorette Party!
We went and stayed at the W Hotel in Dallas
The first thing we did was have some wine tasting
and the lingerie shower!
She got some really pretty things
After that we went and had dinner at a really
nice sushi place
Our waiter was awesome and took really good care of us
and brought Dani some yummy fried ice cream for dessert
After dinner we went back to the room to eat some cake.
I had the cutest cake made for her and it was so yummy!
After cake we went upstairs to the Ghost Bar
and did some dancing and hanging out with all of
Dani's girls!
We had such a fun time getting to love on Dani and making sure
her last single soiree was memorable!
Love you baby sister!
Just 10 more days!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catching Up

I have a week's worth of pictures to catch up on!
We have been so busy this past week!

On Thursday of last week, Landry and I
went to Tim's work to help him with open house.
I have gone the past couple of years
to help and this year Landry came with me.
I got Landry her very own t-shirt!
Saturday, we went out to my parents house and Landry
decided she wanted to water Mimi's flowers
We got to play in the pool with Dani and Bobby
Angel got to play in the pool too
Saturday night, Dani and Bobby had their last shower!
It was a pantry party where everyone brought
them something to stock their new pantry at their
condo with.  They got some yummy food!
Thursday was my dad's birthday and he and my mom
went to Galveston so we celebrated his birthday Sunday night.
We went to a yummy sushi place where Landry learned to use chopsticks!
Bobby taught her how to put a spoon on your nose and make it stick!
He teaches her such valuable life lessons!
Happy Birthday Dad, we love you!
Today I went to the Dallas base to treat our pilots
to a yummy breakfast and lunch and for breakfast
we ordered them this huge cinnamon roll!
They loved it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Party Animals!

This weekend, we had not one, but two parties!
Friday night, we met Tim's parents and sister
out for dinner at one of our favorite mexican food
places and they have an ice cream machine there
which is incentive for Landry to eat all her food!
Saturday morning, we went to a diner and had some yummy breakfast!
Then, while daddy went to work for a bit, we ran some errands
Saturday night, we went to a couples shower for
Dani and Bobby. 
Her friends that threw it did a great job
The toast
Just a couple more weeks to go!!!
Sunday, we went to Kent's Birthday party!
Kent is Bobby's nephew and we love him and his parents!
Landry calls him Nent and just loves him!
Kristen did such a good job decorating and they had some blow
up pools for the kids to play in.
They also had a slip n slide
and at first Landry didn't understand
But then she got the hang of it!
He fell asleep in his high chair!
I guess all the partying wore her out!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bob

Guess who got a haircut?
I have been wanting to get her hair cut for a while
and thought this was the perfect time.
Here she is pre-bob
She did so good sitting in the chair!
Amy even put mousse in it and used a round brush to fix it!
She thought she was so big!
Our new haircut!
I love it!