Monday, August 8, 2011

Nachos, Bowling and a Shower

Well, another weekend has come and gone.

Friday night we took Landry to
Joe T Garcias.  We love this place!
We sat outside, but it actually wasn't too bad. 
 Landry loves their nachos!
Saturday, my family went bowling!
All 4 of my grandparents grandkids were born within a 3 week period,
so we always celebrate our birthdays together. 
We love to bowl! 
 Landry loved it for about 20 minutes
 then wanted to go do something else!
Everyone got to chip in and help her bowl!
I thought she looked so cute in her bowling shoes!
Sunday, Dani had a bridal shower at our friends house.
They did such a nice job decorating and had a great food spread!
She got some really nice stuff and had the cutest helper!
Less than 5 weeks!
We can't wait
Love this face!
It means she is predending not to hear me say we need to leave!

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