Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Dani

Today my baby sister turns 25.  We celebrated by going to Cadillac Ranch Restaurant. 
Landry got her a yummy cupcake from Sprinkles!
  I am so proud of the woman my sister has become.  We love you Aunt Dani!

Little Rock

When my mom was 8, she and her family moved from Little Rock, AR to Dallas.  My mom has always had a deep love for Little Rock and this weekend we went back there to see some family and friends.  I got to meet a lot of people that my mom grew up with and spend some much needed quality time with my mom and my Aunt Karen.  We had such a good time.  Here are Paw Paw and I at Cracker Barrel.
On Saturday, we went to my mom's oldest friends house-her 14,000 square foot house!  Oh my goodness, I had never seen such a beautiful house that a celebrity didn't occupy!  I took some beautiful pictures of the sunset from her balcony.  Their house overlooks the lake and they have the most beautiful sunsets. 
We also got to go visit my Aunt Bettye.  Such a sweet woman, and just sitting with her made me miss my Maw-Maw.  She died 8 years ago, but is still very present in our lives. 
Here are the 4 amigos.  We had such a good time in the car reminising and talking about old times.  I love these 2 women so much. 
Me and my sweet Momma


Friday, June 25, 2010

Animal Crackers

When I was a little girl, my mom would always bring us a surprise home from the store.  Last week she brought Landry some animal crackers.  I have a deep love of animal crackers and it seems my daughter has the same affection for them.  We had them for a snack today.  I love these times when its just us and she wants to share with me. 

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the first day of Summer and although we have been relishing in it for the past month, I still love something about saying that it is officially Summer.  Summer to me brings back so many memories of when Dani and I were little and we couldn't wait to go on the family vacation, no matter where we were going.  Summer to me is school being out for 3 months and getting to stay out later and sleep in.  I have passed on my love for Summer to my daughter.  She loves being in the water as much as I do.  I think she is going to be sad when Fall comes and she can't play in her pool after dinner anymore. 
We are officially done with swimming lessons and she is now a little fish.  As soon as she sees a pool, she wants to 1-2-3 jump in!  It is cute but scary at the same time for this momma.  My parents, Dani, Tim's parents and Tim got to come watch her "perform" on her last day of lessons and see all that we have learned in the Mom and Tot class.  She was so proud showing them all she learned.  Everytime she would do something she would look back to make sure they were watching her. 
Friday night we went out to eat with my parents and Dani and they have these fountains by their house and she was timid at first, but once she saw the big kids running around and playing there was no looking back! 
Sunday, we celebrated our dad's.  Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband and my dad and my father-in-law!
I have a lot of things I want to experience with her this Summer.  We have a lot of things planned and I hope to check some things off my list.  As you can see, I made a new banner for my blog.  We are definitely indulging in life these days!  I hope your Summer is starting off as good as ours is!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Girlie Weekend

This weekend just flew by!  We had such a fun, busy one that was spent focused on girls.  Friday, Shay and I went to see SATC2 for a mommy date. 
Not really worth the money, I gotta tell ya.  Shay and I were not very impressed with the movie, but we did have a good time together!  After the movie the boys and kids met us to go eat some yummy Cheesecake Factory.  Here is Landry with one of her favorite girlfriends.
We let Smith join in on the girl time too!
So, the dinner didn't exactly go as planned either.  At one point both girls were screaming ready to get out of there!  We realized we went from a nice leisurely dinner for 4 to a meltdown drama meal for 7!  Oh well, we wouldn't have it any other way! 
Saturday morning, I went to a shower for Hilary and Miss Charley. 
I am so excited for Hilary to join the "moms of girls club".  She will be such a good girl mom and she was spoiled with all sorts of bows and tutus and PINK!!! 
Saturday night, we threw a surprise party for Melissa!  Boy, was she surprised. 
Landry got to spend some good girl time with Kyndall and Erin, her favorites!
I loved spending my weekend girl time with my favorite girl!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Thursday

Since Landry and I had such a good day yesterday, I wanted to document it.  I have been taking her to swim lessons this week for a mom and tot class and we absolutely love it!  She has done so good and is already learning to swim to the step, pick up rings from the bottom of the pool and jump in with no assistance.  We have one more week, and next Friday family can come and watch her show off!  Here we are yesterday waiting to go in. 
When Landry wakes up from sleeping we usually leave her in her crib to play and wake up on her own.  I heard her after her nap talking to herself like normal but then I heard straining like she was trying to do something she wasn't supposed to be doing.  Mothers instinct is always right, because this is what I walked in on! 
She had taken her diaper off and threw it on the floor and was trying to climb out of her crib.  I guess we will be lowering the crib one more time and putting bloomers on her to sleep! 

After her nap, we headed on over to Grammy's so I could use her sewing machine.  I have a few gifts that I am making.  Landry loves going over to Grammy and Granddaddy's house for 3 reasons-Duke, Daisy and the ramp in their backyard.  She loves my grandparents dogs.  They are more on her level than the other dogs in the family so she loves to chase them!  Then there is the ramp.  My Granddaddy built this ramp to go up into their backyard and she would go up and down this thing all day if we would let her.
I decided after dinner to let her swim in her pool.  She knows once we put a swimsuit on her that she is going into water and ran around the house so excited.  Here she is playing in her pool.  Yes, that is Angels toy in her hand.  It's the first thing she does when we walk out in the backyard. 
Yay!  It's Friday.  We have a fun day planned.  Pictures to come!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Smiths and Stephanie

This weekend is brought to you by the letter S

Stephanie came to stay with us this weekend.  She is my only girl cousin and I absolutely adore her.  Landry now loves her as well. Friday night we played outside and Landry got to Slide down her slide and loved it!
Saturday morning, Stephanie bathed Landry for me, and Landry Splashed Stephanie a lot!
Saturday we ventured out to Sundance Square.  Not really what I was hoping for, plus it was like 104 degrees outside, so we only stayed for a little while.
Saturday afternoon we put Landry in her pool for the first time and let her go Swimming.  She loved it!  Angel got in as well and taught her how to drink water like a dog!
Saturday night we went to dinner and then came home and Stephanie taught Landry how to rool the ball across the floor.
Sunday we went to a Senior graduation party for Kyndall.
We had such a good weekend that Landry Slept the whole way home after dropping Stephanie off!