Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Smiths and Stephanie

This weekend is brought to you by the letter S

Stephanie came to stay with us this weekend.  She is my only girl cousin and I absolutely adore her.  Landry now loves her as well. Friday night we played outside and Landry got to Slide down her slide and loved it!
Saturday morning, Stephanie bathed Landry for me, and Landry Splashed Stephanie a lot!
Saturday we ventured out to Sundance Square.  Not really what I was hoping for, plus it was like 104 degrees outside, so we only stayed for a little while.
Saturday afternoon we put Landry in her pool for the first time and let her go Swimming.  She loved it!  Angel got in as well and taught her how to drink water like a dog!
Saturday night we went to dinner and then came home and Stephanie taught Landry how to rool the ball across the floor.
Sunday we went to a Senior graduation party for Kyndall.
We had such a good weekend that Landry Slept the whole way home after dropping Stephanie off!


The Shull Family said...

Shay Shull swears she's the sweetest kid ever! (I tried to give you a few more "s" words!). Love you!

Love, Dani said...

Thats very clever of you Shay Shull!
I'm glad my Landry had such a fantastic weekend. I love you Landry Kate Smith