Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a Memorial Day!

This Memorial day was definately memorable! Landry got to swim on her own for the first time! I had such a good weekend and have a sunburn and no voice to prove it. Landry loves the water and I am so glad. We start swim lessons next week and I wanted to make sure she was comfortable in the water before we start. I have no worries that she will do great. She smiles the whole time she is in the pool. I have a feeling we will be in the water a lot this summer. It was so hot all weekend, but we had such a good time that we barely noticed!
Saturday, we hung out at Tim's parents house. We just layed out and swam all day. We bought Landry one of those swimsuits with the life jacket built in, and she was not too crazy about it. She did love the fact that mommy could let go of her hands and she could float though! Mommy loved the fact that she took 3-4 hour afternoon naps all weekend. The sun drained her. She loves being outside though.
Sunday, we headed out to Flower Mound to stay with my parents and we did some more swimming and laying out. This time we tried the ol' arm floaties and she liked these a little better.

Monday, we spent Memorial day outside with Grammy and Grandaddy as well.
Her new favorite thing to do is jump off my parents waterfall into the pool.
We had such a good weekend and we are so excited Summer is officially begun!

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