Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the first day of Summer and although we have been relishing in it for the past month, I still love something about saying that it is officially Summer.  Summer to me brings back so many memories of when Dani and I were little and we couldn't wait to go on the family vacation, no matter where we were going.  Summer to me is school being out for 3 months and getting to stay out later and sleep in.  I have passed on my love for Summer to my daughter.  She loves being in the water as much as I do.  I think she is going to be sad when Fall comes and she can't play in her pool after dinner anymore. 
We are officially done with swimming lessons and she is now a little fish.  As soon as she sees a pool, she wants to 1-2-3 jump in!  It is cute but scary at the same time for this momma.  My parents, Dani, Tim's parents and Tim got to come watch her "perform" on her last day of lessons and see all that we have learned in the Mom and Tot class.  She was so proud showing them all she learned.  Everytime she would do something she would look back to make sure they were watching her. 
Friday night we went out to eat with my parents and Dani and they have these fountains by their house and she was timid at first, but once she saw the big kids running around and playing there was no looking back! 
Sunday, we celebrated our dad's.  Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband and my dad and my father-in-law!
I have a lot of things I want to experience with her this Summer.  We have a lot of things planned and I hope to check some things off my list.  As you can see, I made a new banner for my blog.  We are definitely indulging in life these days!  I hope your Summer is starting off as good as ours is!

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