Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Thursday

Since Landry and I had such a good day yesterday, I wanted to document it.  I have been taking her to swim lessons this week for a mom and tot class and we absolutely love it!  She has done so good and is already learning to swim to the step, pick up rings from the bottom of the pool and jump in with no assistance.  We have one more week, and next Friday family can come and watch her show off!  Here we are yesterday waiting to go in. 
When Landry wakes up from sleeping we usually leave her in her crib to play and wake up on her own.  I heard her after her nap talking to herself like normal but then I heard straining like she was trying to do something she wasn't supposed to be doing.  Mothers instinct is always right, because this is what I walked in on! 
She had taken her diaper off and threw it on the floor and was trying to climb out of her crib.  I guess we will be lowering the crib one more time and putting bloomers on her to sleep! 

After her nap, we headed on over to Grammy's so I could use her sewing machine.  I have a few gifts that I am making.  Landry loves going over to Grammy and Granddaddy's house for 3 reasons-Duke, Daisy and the ramp in their backyard.  She loves my grandparents dogs.  They are more on her level than the other dogs in the family so she loves to chase them!  Then there is the ramp.  My Granddaddy built this ramp to go up into their backyard and she would go up and down this thing all day if we would let her.
I decided after dinner to let her swim in her pool.  She knows once we put a swimsuit on her that she is going into water and ran around the house so excited.  Here she is playing in her pool.  Yes, that is Angels toy in her hand.  It's the first thing she does when we walk out in the backyard. 
Yay!  It's Friday.  We have a fun day planned.  Pictures to come!

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Love, Dani said...

Try to get a picture of her in that tutu swim suit I got her! I see she is wearing it in the swimming pool. But I want to see it fully on her!
Love you Landry Kate Smith