Monday, February 21, 2011

What You've Missed...

...Or at least what I haven't blogged about! 
Here are just some of the things we have been up to
It has been so pleasent here the last couple of weeks
Landry and I went to the park
She loves just running and playing
Love this girl!

So, how do you know it has been so nice out?
Landry's knees look like this
Poor girl got her mommy's clumsiness

Dani came over Saturday to help me transform Landry's room into her big girl room (more on that later) and we took her to dinner to thank her. 
We love us some hibachi
Love this picture
Playing on the couch with Pop
She loves Angel (sometimes a little too much!)
For the Super Bowl we went over to the Boozer's house and Landry sat with Hilary for a while. 
She loves Hilary!
Angel's new thing is to sit with Landry in her bed. 
Last week while I was cooking dinner I couldn't find Landry or Angel and then heard something in her room. 
Grabbed the camera and this is what I found. 
She was reading to Angel!

For work, I get to travel and do a lot of neat things. 
Last week I went to Orlando and did this event called the Cutting Edge.  It is where we take pilots and other employees and let them work the ramp.  We get to load the bags, sit on the car that pushes the plane back and help walk the plane to the runway.  It is such a neat experience and one that I love doing.
My co-worker Meghan and I went together
After that, we got to go to Sea World and practically had the park to ourselves!

Last week, Landry and I met Dani and Bobby for lunch.  We hardly ever get to see them, so when they asked us out, I couldn't resist!
Uncle Bobby let her have some of his chocolate milkshake
Getting a french fry from Aunt Dani
I think that about sums up the last two weeks. 
Good job if you made it through picture palooza!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

Happy Valentines Day. 
Valentines Day is usually not a huge fanfare in our house. 
Tim always gets me some flowers, a sweet card and my favorite treat, chocolate covered strawberries.  
 This year, he got Landry her own card and it was the sweetest thing. 
I put it on the table with my card and she kept grabbing it and looking at it knowing it was just for her from her daddy. 

So, I was not expecting anything big this year but Tim went to the grocery store yesterday and was gone for a while, but I just thought it was busy so I didn't think much of it.  He brought the groceries in like normal (yes, my husband does the laundry, cleans and grocery shops, what's the big deal?) and as I was putting them away, I saw a box with a camera on it.  I said, "What's this?" and he just smiled.  That stinker went out and bought me a new camera!  I screamed.  I have been wanting a new camera for a while, but with our anniversary coming up and probably a vacation this summer I just planned on waiting till next year.  Don't you just love surprises like that? 
So, here is my new camera!  Along with a 2 year old that refuses to smile for me!
I love my hubby! 
Happy Love Day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Landry's Pancakes and Pajamas Party

For Landry's Birthday party, I wanted to do something fun and different. 
As I was searching the internet, I came across the cutest idea of a pancakes and pajamas party. 
I loved the idea of doing something in the morning and having the kids come in their cutest pajamas.  Wouldn't you know it, we have had the craziest week! 
A blizzard blew through our town and made it hard for our guests to get here. 
We did the best we could with what we had though, and ended up having a great party! 

For decorations, I went pretty low key and just made a banner, door sign and some tissue paper pom-poms
Since we were doing breakfast, I didn't want to do a big cake or anything, so instead, I made one of those big cupcakes.  It turned out to be just enough for those wanting something sweet.
For the Birthday girl, I found the cutest cupcake pajamas
Landry greeting Charley
Landry and Brady eating their yummy pancakes and bacon
I just love this little cutie in her ladybug pajamas!
Landry and the Boozer kiddos
3 of my favorite women!
Opening some of her presents. 
 She got some good stuff. 
Lots of cute clothes, some new tennis shoes, her new bedding, and a kitchen!
Singing Happy Birthday         
I think all in all it was a succesful party!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Landry!

Happy 2nd Birthday Landry Kate!
Getting woken up by Angel
Waiting at the dr's office
Getting our 2 year check up
Bumpa came over to help me with my faucet.  I went and got us hamburgers for lunch and all she wanted to eat was the french fries, go figure!
Waiting to go to dinner
For dinner my parents, Dani and Bobby and Tim's parents and Stephanie went to a fun pizza place in our neighborhood. 
Landry loves her 2 Aunts!
She also adores her Uncle Bobby. 
He was putting lipstick on her!
Tim and I are so blessed to have this little girl
Trying to help mommy play skee-ball
She loved all the games in the kiddie area
Tim and I rode the go carts
This is the only go cart we would let Landry on!
Between Tim, Debbie and Stephanie they collected 1350 tickets for Landry! 
She got a bag full of fun things
I cannot believe she is already 2! 
I cannot describe how much we love this little girl. 
She brightens our lives and makes us laugh daily. 
I look forward to every day with her. 
Landry Kate- mommy and daddy love you more than anything. 
You are such a delight and I am so excited for what lies ahead for you. 

Here is Landry February 4, 2009 at 9:11 P.M
Here is Landry February 4, 2010 at 9:11 P.M
And here is Landry February 4, 2011 at 9:11 P.M
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!