Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's going to be a hot summer!

Goodness gracious, it's so hot outside already!
That means we just get to spend more time in the pool!
We did just that this weekend.
Two weekends in a row we got to spend laying out.
I love it!

Friday, Landry and I went to visit Debbie at school.
We got to have lunch with her and see all the people she works with.

Saturday we went to their house to lay out and swim.
Landry starts swim lessons tomorrow and I am so glad she is comfortable in the water.
She has done great both weekends that we have been swimming.
Tim's Aunt Diane got to join us
Landry showed of her skills
 She loved jumping off the diving board with Tim

Sunday morning she spent watching cartoons in our bed
Have I said how much she loves laying in our bed and watching TV?
 She does!
Sunday night we went to dinner with my parents and Dani
She got to eat her favorite, corn on the cob
And then got a manicure from Aunt Dani
She loves Dani doing her nails, she has done it since Landry was a week old!
Another great weekend down.
We have a busy week.
Swim lessons start tomorrow!


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Robbie and Melissa said...

AUstin is the same way with the pool and especially the ocean. I think he was afraid it was coming to "get him". They loved the water last year and it's so funny how things change in just one short year! You guys are looking good and I can't believe how grown up she is already! Miss you!